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Venezuelan envoy welcomes unity of Qatari people behind enlightened leadership

Ambassador of Venezuela to Qatar Carlos José Mata Figueroa

Ambassador of Venezuela to Qatar Carlos José Mata Figueroa

Carlos José Mata Figueroa, Ambassador of Venezuela to Qatar, said Qatar has proven to the world its ability to meet major challenges thanks to the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and the solidarity of the Qatari people. I asserted that I did. The symbolism and the sublime meaning it represents for the National Day 2022 slogan “Our unity is the source of our strength”.
In a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), the ambassador said that since being given the honor of hosting the FIFA World Cup, the Qatari people have stepped up their efforts in stepping up the nation’s efforts to confront the unjust campaigns that have targeted Qatar. 2022 Qatar.
National Day is a day when the brother Qatari people reaffirm their identity and unity, their national ties, their high patriotism, unite under the wise leadership of their country, and make Qatar a modern nation with a great future. This is a great opportunity to develop further. , he added.
Unity is also a principle of great importance to its founder, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani, who founded Qatar and dedicated himself to uniting the Qatari people and giving them a sense of national significance and belonging. Yes, and that has brought the people of Qatar together very much. Flexibility to face historical adversity.
Since being given the primary task and responsibility of organizing the World Cup, Qatar has worked diligently to host this global event in record time and to the highest international standards, giving the country everything it has received. overcame the challenges and unjustified attacks of He said he could not accept the fact that such a large-scale event was being held in an Arab-Muslim country, which would also help change images, stereotypes and assumptions about Arab-Muslim culture. He said he would.
On the development Qatar is witnessing, he said the country has made great strides in many areas in recent years, adding that the country has set ambitious and long-term goals to diversify its economy within the framework of the National Vision 2030. He added that he has a comprehensive development plan.It is active in various fields such as transportation, education, sports, healthcare, communication, and hospitality.
He applauded Qatar’s determination to diversify its economy from one based on gas exports to one based on knowledge, and to strengthen its self-sufficiency policy by supporting and developing domestic food production.
On foreign policy, the Ambassador noted that Qatar’s diplomacy has successfully developed its role on the international stage as a pioneering country at the regional and global levels in maintaining peace and collective security, He pointed out that he chose dialogue as a platform for resolving differences. parties around the world.
Regarding Qatar-Venezuela relations, the Ambassador emphasized that the past few years have seen great progress in various fields.
He noted that May 2023 will mark the 50th anniversary of Qatar-Venezuela relations, and that investment, culture, agriculture, fishing and tourism as well as creating an agenda for various cultural events for the year. I can do it.

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