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The Sound of Music is still solid family entertainment.

Graeme Rowat as Captain Georg von Trapp and Ashley Blanchett as Maria Reiner
Graeme Rowat as Captain Georg von Trapp and Ashley Blanchet as Maria Reiner in The Sound of Music at the Paper Mill Playhouse

You can’t go wrong with the Paper Mill Playhouse this holiday season

At the Paper Mill Playhouse in Milburn, music sound, the classic Rogers and Hammerstein musical. There are no surprises in the story so far, but this production is the perfect entertainment for his season this holiday season. Therefore, it can be recommended as a perfect feast for families to watch together.

Ashley Blanchett as Maria Reiner
Ashley Blanchet as Maria Rayner in The Sound of Music at the Paper Mill Playhouse

For those few readers who haven’t seen music sound In 1938 Maria Reiner (Ashley Blanchett) of Postillant is sent by the Mother Abbot of Nonnberg Abbey (Caitlin Burke) to be temporary tutor for the seven children of Austrian Navy Captain Georg von. Trapp (Graham Rowat). Maria dominates her children with music, play and affection, all of which von Trapp disapproves of. Naturally, Maria and Georg fall in love, and Maria rushes back to the monastery in search of her refuge.

The abbess sends her back, telling Mary that she must face her fears, and that the love of men and women is as sacred as the love of God. The couple got married and are on their honeymoon just as Nazi Germany annexed Austria. The new German government “invited” the anti-Nazi Georg to be a naval captain, leading the couple to come up with a way to try and escape them. lost homeland.

Under the direction of Paper Mill’s artistic director Mark S. Hoebee, the cast is uniformly good, but it took a while for the inherent warmth of the show to become apparent. Unlike some other productions, music sound Maria and Georg’s attraction is palpable, and Blanchet and Rowat have a great chemistry.

Comic support is nicely provided by Gavin Lee as concert impresario Max Detwiler, trying to find performers for the last Austrian folk music concert. gow lighter Annexed Austria (regional leader), a petty tyrant backed by a legion of German stormtroopers. Annalize Scarpacz and Andrew Alstadt skillfully portray the struggles of childhood love as von Trapp’s eldest daughter Liesl and the telegram boy Rolf. Finally, Cáitlín Burke’s Her Mother Abbess is the perfect blend of her solid, no-nonsense advice with her playfulness, and her singing voice is so beautiful that it makes her heart stop.

The cast manages to perform its musical duties well throughout. In addition to the familiar “My Favorite Things,” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” “Do-Re-Mi,” and “Climb Every Mountain,” a number of classics stand out. “How Can Love Survive?” Is Lee And Borromeo’s Knockout His Comic Number, The Kids Shine With “Goodbye, Farewell,” The Von Trapp Family Plays A Touching “Edelweiss” To do.

The Paper Mill design team did some of their best work with this piece. James Fouchard’s original stage design has been recreated and refreshed by Kelly James Tye, and Katherine Zuber’s original costumes are treated the same by Leon Dobkowski. and Son Hikil’s sound design complement the play perfectly. The orchestra, led by Meghann Zervoulis Bate, is lush and beautiful, Kenny Ingram’s choreography is very good, especially his Austrian folk reenactment of his dance. landler.

Kacitrine Burke as Abbot Mother and Ensemble "music sound."
Kacitrine Burke as Abbot and Ensemble at The Sound of Music at the Paper Mill Playhouse.

generally, music sound The show’s old chestnut, but one that retains much of its flavor in the capable hands of the Paper Mill Playhouse. , may seem like an unlikely, perhaps banal, hodgepodge of ideas, but mixed with the musical genius of Rogers and Hammerstein, it makes for the perfect holiday pastime — of Evergreen, Santa, or Euletide. Even without mentioning seasons.

If you’re looking for treats for the whole family, you can’t go wrong. music sound!

music sound For more information or to purchase tickets, visit or call 973-376-4343.

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