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SC House Speaker Reshuffles Committee Leadership

Newly re-elected House Speaker Murrell Smith has rebuilt leadership of House committees while putting his personal stamp on how a Republican-dominated House will be led.

“Come here, come together, work for the people of this state, not just for some, not just for the electorate, not just for our neighborhood… but for the entire state. It’s our fundamental duty to find a way,” Smith said. he said in a statement. Sumter was the first Republican elected chairman in April, following the retirement of former chairman Jay Lucas.

The key committee chairs nominated last week during the reorganization of the House are:

ways and means. Congressman Bruce Bannister, R-Greenville, chairs the Strong Budgeting Methods Committee. Smith is the former chairman.

3M. Rep. Sireste Davis, R-Berkeley, chair of the House Medical, Military, Public and City Committees previously chaired by Democratic Rep. Leon Howard. Without him, the House no longer has a black congressman as chairman of a committee. Howard and former Judiciary Chairman Chris Murphy (R-Dorchester) have been appointed to the Ways and Means Commission.

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