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Recount of “bad faith”.Sharky’s Conspiracy: Michigan Political Week

? Have a nice Sunday! ❄️ If you can’t see the snowflakes outside, don’t worry: the long-range forecast is dreaming of a white Christmas.

But MLive’s political team is still dreaming of a long-term breather after a historic election a month ago.

here is what you need to know About the massive statewide recount, lawmakers last week in Lansing, and more.

State Board of Trustees 12-5-22

Michigan Campaign Commission in Lansing, Michigan on Dec. 5, 2022. From left, Republicans Richard Hauskamp, ​​Tony Daunt, and Democrats Mary Ellen Gurewitz. Absent: Democratic Janet Bradshaw.Ben Owner |

why someone I want hundreds of thousands of votes Spoken statewide? It turns out not to overturn the results, but to investigate the Michigan election.

what’s happening: 43 counties are recounting yes and no votes Proposals 2 and 3 – Voting Rights and Abortion Rights – Passed with a combined 1.4 million votes.

  • “Yes” Vote in Recount not enough to capsize Props, but that’s not the point.

Daniel Hartmanclaimant’s attorney electoral integritythey said they want to “scrutinize” election process.

  • “Data from recounts are used to determine future actions.” EIF said in a statement.

state board of trustees Members unanimously allowed recounts on Monday despite concerns about EIF unproven claims of organized fraud.

  • “This is nonsense,” dant said“I’m tired of having to have this discussion with people, but it’s your right to petition for a recount.”

?️ and before and after heated With Hartman, Daunt said the recount was “malice” Efforts to “start by filing subpoenas or forensic audit nonsense.”

  • rear Hartman suggesting that the 2022 election may be rigged, Danto called the recount a “fishing expedition” and “needless, frivolous and ridiculous”.

How it’s happening: The recounts were generally successful, with little change in the results.

  • But state officials cautioned observers. EIF Challenger It was devastating in the Jackson County recount.

? See poll results It is recounted by displaying the district lists for Prop 2 and Prop 3. Here is a list of times and locations for each recount:

  • Canceller meets December 21st Prove recount.props enabled December 23rd.

➕ Details: This difference allowed us to recount Michigan’s proposal. Should the law change?

Mike Sharkey

File: Senate Majority Leaders Mike Sharkey, R-Clark Lake, speaking at an event in downtown Grand Rapids on Monday, May 18, 2020.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Sharkey (R-Clark Lake) used his final career floor speech on Wednesday to denounce Democrats and push multiple conspiracy theories.

?️ “COVID seemed daunting, but it is becoming clearer. COVID was only the beginning.” Michigan’s highest-ranking Republican said.

  • “It is a force that tests our freedom, our independence, our sovereignty, our values, and even the very structure of our God-given rights.”

Sharkey claimed the pandemic was plannedcriticized Vaccine obligation said the political leader MLive’s has a ‘drunk obsession’ on lockdown Alyssa Barr report.

  • he warned “Godlike” People Advocating for climate change, gun control, critical racial theories, advocating child sacrifice and an “anything transgender” future.

? world economic forumgathers world leaders for cooperation on social and economic issues, leads these efforts, Sharkey claimed.

?️”The intent behind these little gods is to achieve one world domination, one world religion, one world medicine, one world currency, one world domination, and the elimination of sovereignty. is.” He said.

This WEF story is nothing new. I heard from public commentators at the Conference of State Critics to Prove the Midterm Elections and from Republicans running for Secretary of State:

➕ Goodbye: Michigan House and Senate Leaders Say Goodbye to Congress

Michigan State Capitol green light

File: A traffic light turns green near the Michigan State Capitol in downtown Lansing, Michigan on October 24, 2022.Ben Owner |

Outside of Shirkey’s speech, MPs put “lame” into the “lame duck” session this week.

What didn’t happen: The $500 million package was either who came close to a deal or not Alyssa and MLive Jordyn Hermani said.

  • $200 million go to economic development, $180 million to tax cuts.
  • of Michigan District Restructuring Committee I also didn’t get the requested money.

what Did it Occur: Long-awaited plan to boost recycling and overhaul Michigan’s solid waste law, MLive’s Garrett Ellison report.

  • of 8 building package It passed on Wednesday, clearing congestion for the first time since early 2021.

♻️ “This change will divert more recyclable materials from landfills and develop a growing circular economy forays for recyclables and compostable organic matter.” Garrett I am writing.

  • plus: “Curbside service in large communities and convenient drop-off sites in counties will become the benchmark standard.”

Muskegon County also benefit from $60 million For infrastructure and utility upgrades.

Democrats take the lead Both capitols in January.

  • interested in What is the future of the Republican Party? Track the race for State Party Speakers here.
2022 Midterm Election Michigan Democratic Party Watch Party

FILE: Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson speaks at the Michigan Democratic Election Night Party at the Soundboard Theater inside the Motor City Casino in Detroit on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

U.S. Department of Justice investigation Former President Donald Trump Attempts to overturn the 2020 election have spread to Lansing and Detroit.

?️ “I can confirm that a subpoena was served at my office in connection with yesterday’s Special Counsel’s investigation.” Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Thursday.

catch up: DOJ Attorney jack smith A bipartisan US House committee is investigating after detailing Trump’s attempt to change the outcome of the election. U.S. Capitol Riot January 6, 2021.

Benson’s summons comes after Smith sends a subpoena to a grand jury Wayne County Officials are seeking “communications between local authorities and Trump or members of his team.” Alyssa I am writing.

➕ More news from January 6th: Ryan Kelly’s trial on Capitol mutiny charges postponed again

Five. ?‍♂️ Explore the campaign cash chasm

Tudor Dixon and Gretchen Whitmer

File: Tudor Dixon (left) and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (right) speak at their respective Watch Parties on Election Night 2022.

We already knew last month’s big Democrat victory hinged on a big advantage in donations. But the final election financial report sheds light on the chasm.

? Governor Whitmer Raised $38 million and spent $34 million in the election’s almost four times higher from your opponent.

  • Republican Party Tudor Dixonbut outperformed and spent Whitmer in the final weeks of the campaign.

but that was after Dixon’s campaign ‘endured months of lethargic fundraising,’ says MLive Simon Schuster I am writing.

  • “The campaign failed to build strong fundraising efforts during the primary election or in the critical months after winning the nomination.” Simon Say.

? A similar gap existed In other statewide races in Michigan:

  • Prosecutor General Dana Nessel ran out About her opponent, Matthew Deperno 4 to 1.
  • secretary of state Jocelyn Benson used up Her opponent, Christina Caramo, almost 5 to 1.

5 more stories from MLive:

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