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City of Auburn Eyes New Downtown Cannabis Business

Signs for the cannabis business’ new location were posted on storefronts in downtown Auburn this week, and city hall was the first to notice.

The billboard advertises I’m Stuck, a self-proclaimed cannabis consulting and marketing firm located at 9 E. Genesee St. Finger Lakes Mall earlier this year. I’m Stuck also has locations in the Wayne County towns of Macedon, Ontario, Lyons, Newark and Williamson.

I’m Stuck identifies itself as a marketing company on its billboards, but uses a different name on its website. Cannabis flowers, edibles, etc. are listed with prices.

It will become part of what has come to be known as New York State’s “gray market” for cannabis. just started pharmacy licensing last month. Due to the lawsuit, no pharmacies were licensed in the central New York area, including Auburn.

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Still, companies like I’m Stuck are embracing the state’s rush to market, the fear that others will start selling before they do, and the fact that possession of cannabis is now legal. People are starting to sell cannabis without a license for a variety of reasons, including general mitigation against the substance. Use with The office condemned these untested cannabis sellers, saying the gray market “disrespects the goals of state cannabis laws to protect public health and build a fair market.” In May, the office sent cease and desist letters to many of them, including I’m Stuck stores in Lyons and Newark.

Where Can I Open a Cannabis Business in Auburn? Council Hears Options

Days after police seized illegal cannabis products from an Auburn smoke shop, city officials were briefed on where the legal cannabis was…

The city of Auburn is considering communicating with the office about taking similar steps for the business’s new downtown location, Assistant Corporation Counsel Nate Garland told Citizen.

Garland said the city has been “considering all available legal options” since it first learned about the sign. These options start with the sign itself. I’m Stuck did not have a permit for the sign, so the city is trying to contact stores and property owners about removing the sign. Cayuga County records show that the property and his neighboring 11 E. Genesee St., formerly the site of a Metro by T-Mobile store, were acquired by Capflow Capital LLC from Grillo Companies in October. He was purchased for $333,000. The LLC’s address, 303 S. Seward Ave., is one of several local properties owned by Steven Tardibone.

The only problem the city can address right now is signage, according to Garland, because the business hasn’t opened yet. But if I’m Stuck actually tries to open an unlicensed cannabis store in downtown Auburn, the state’s marijuana regulation and taxation laws have further measures for both businesses and property owners, namely: Gives the city legal status to sue for injunctive relief.

“It cannot be overlooked without due scrutiny,” Garland said.

Garland said the city has received feedback from the public about “I’m Stuck” since the sign was posted. He said the soon-to-be-expired moratorium on the city’s smoke shops would not apply to pharmacies because they do not sell tobacco. He said state law was preempting the city from taking more direct action against the clinic.

That’s why Garland wants the state to be more responsive to gray market businesses like I’m Stuck, but calls the establishment of New York’s $4 billion legal cannabis market a “very heavy lift.” admitted. In the meantime, he said the city of Auburn will do what it can to “protect its citizens from law-breaking groups” by selling unlicensed and tax-free cannabis.

I’m Stuck did not respond to a request for comment sent by The Citizen through its website.

Auburn Counsel Stacey DeForest provides an overview of the city’s legal options for the sale of recreational marijuana permitted in New York State, pursuant to recently passed state cannabis laws.

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