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Best Features Rockstar Abandoned After Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

grand theft auto san andreas was released in 2004 and is for some the best game in the history of the franchise. It was a very progressive game at the time, introducing features that literally screamed next-gen technology, and in many ways still stands the test of time today.

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Since the franchise transitioned, countless changes have been made to the game’s basic mechanics and functionality. Looking back now, there were so many features. GTA San Andreas Sadly removed cleanly from the series.Some of these features were little more than weird add-ons to open-world adventures, but some of them were core mechanics that are currently missing grand theft auto for almost 20 years.

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8/8 eat to maintain weight

CJ eats a piece of pizza

in the opening mission of grand theft auto san andreas, the player is taught, among other things, that eating (or not eating) affects weight. This was a relatively unique feature at the time, and players were referred to various fast food franchises to service their mechanics. At times, the need for food was little more than a chore, but the fact that it affected the protagonist’s weight was eye-opening. increases, and you can only jog a few steps.

On the other hand, if the player isn’t eating enough, they will lose weight, have little to no stamina, have very little health, and their health will slowly decline. Fortunately, the drop-off happened relatively slowly.

7/8 gang warfare mechanics

Massive gang fight erupts on the streets

Towards the end of “Chapter One” of san andreas, players gained the ability to seize control of vast territories. This territory was obtained by starting gang wars, fighting waves of enemies and finally taking space.This could have been a single block or an entire neighborhood, but then san andreas, the function was removed and never returned. Gangs and factions remained constant, but grand theft autoplayers can no longer push them off the turf.

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Towards the end of the game, the Turf War feature was crucial to the story, without which players would not be able to complete the game.

6/8 lowrider battle

Player Joins Lowrider Battle

of grand theft auto online, Rockstar reintroduced the Lowrider. This is a car built on a hydraulic chassis that allows the player to literally manipulate the vehicle and make it “dance”.It was the first time I’d seen a lowrider since grand theft auto san andreas When the player was able to participate in a “lowrider battle” with a rival gang. It was certainly a feature directly connected to the era the game was set in, but it was a fun addition and about five minutes of fun content.

Following missions featuring lowrider battles, mechanics became side content, allowing players to initiate another battle at any time provided they had the correct vehicle.

5/8 dual wield weapon

Dual wielding Uzi SMG in GTA San Andreas

Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson was one of the deadliest and most capable protagonists in the history of the franchise. From his humble origins as a co-leader of the Grove Street Families gang, he has become a military tactician, master thief, and modern weapons giant.of san andreasthe more a player uses a particular weapon, the higher the skill level of that weapon, eventually allowing that weapon to dual wield.

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Indeed, there is a vast arsenal of weapons available grand theft auto 5 When gta onlinebut none of them can be dual wielded.

4/8 pumping iron

CJ works out at the gym

From the moment the player steps in san andreas Completing the opening mission unlocked the ability to work out at the local gym. Affects a player’s “respect”, causing other players to see him more favorably. In some relationships, having muscle was almost a must to gain some sort of status, and if a player wanted to hit harder in a fight, they needed to turn a profit.

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Similar to the hunger mechanism, lifting weights “skins” the CJ, applying layers of muscle depending on how much work the player puts in. If the player goes to the gym regularly, Karl Johnson will quickly fade from being a slim, unpretentious guy. Be a big warrior.

3/8 buddy up

Friendly gangs gather in San Andreas

As the player’s respect rate increases san andreasas was their ability to hire gang members to fight alongside them. The members of these gangs were far from intelligent, but the player could easily find their way into tough fights, especially when engaging in turf wars. , was able to work effectively with some of the bodyguards.

It was a basic feature, allowing players to tell followers to move faster, stand in place, or attack individuals, but it hasn’t really been replicated since. was.

2/8 local multiplayer

Join local multiplayer for two

It wasn’t the most intuitive feature san andreas, but local multiplayer is relatively unique to the release and will never be seen again in the franchise. It is understandable because it is considered to beof san andreaswhere two players assume the role of random characters, spawning into non-persistent mode and generally causing chaos.

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There were mini-games to have fun with, and the base game was more or less capable for as long as the player wanted. It had a tethering mechanism that locked both players on the same screen at the same time, as it lacked a split-screen feature, making it a very clunky mode.

1/8 weird cheat code

Pedestrians go insane after applying cheat code

In the old days, grand theft auto It was well known for the dozens (if not hundreds) of cheat codes hidden within the series. Since the first game, cheat his codes have given players the ability to accomplish multiple things, from the most mundane to the downright bizarre. These cheat codes spawn vehicles and weapons, turn all NPCs hostile to the player, have all pedestrians equipped with beach-themed outfits, and self-destruct all nearby vehicles. There is likely to be.

Cheats are everywhere, grand theft auto Games because they’ve finally been toned down and aren’t as weird as they used to be. Recently, I’ve been lucky to have been given a cheat of invincibility for 5 minutes. grand theft auto 5.

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