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Parliament Will Restore Glory Under Kaj’s Leadership: Siddaramaiah

Former Prime Minister Siddharamaiah and AICC Chairman M. Malikaljun Karji at Karaburagi on Saturday.

Former Prime Minister Siddharamaiah and AICC Chairman M. Malikaljun Karji at Karaburagi on Saturday. | | Photo credit: ARUN KULKARNI

Former Prime Minister Siddharamaiah insisted that parliament, under the leadership of party leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and AICC chairman M. Malikarjun Harji, would restore its past glory and eradicate the BJP and the center in the next parliament in the state . elections and general elections.

Mr Siddramaiah was speaking at the ‘Kalyana Kranti’ convention organized by the KPCC at a ceremony welcoming Mr Kharge upon his arrival in his hometown of Karabragi.

Recalling the contributions of promising political leaders whose career spans decades, Siddharamaiah said: Kharge has been a grassroots politician with more than 50 years of ties to Congress and was out of the race for the top position in the party, but his chance presented him. “

“People and States [Karnataka] It will regain its glory under Kalge’s leadership and thrive again in the 2023 parliamentary elections, winning 150 seats,” he said.

Siddharamaiah called the Bommai-led BJP government a den of corruption and accused Prime Minister Vasavaraj Bommai of running a corrupt government. Grafting peaked during Mr. Bommai’s tenure, and contractors were being forced to pay his 40% commission. There was huge corruption related to appointments, assignments and transfers, he said.

Recalling the tireless efforts made by Kaji and the late former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh to give special status to the six districts of the Kalyana Karnataka region, Sidramaiah said that the BJP government would simply change its name to the Kalyana Karnataka region. but failed to make the region truly ‘Kalyana Karnataka’. He argued that the BJP government has failed to address the unemployment problem and fill vacancies in various sectors.

The parliament, which won only 21 of Kalyana Karnataka’s 41 seats in the 2018 parliamentary elections, appealed to the public and party members to win at least 35 seats and uproot the BJP in Kalyana Karnataka.

If parliament comes to power in 2023, it will allocate 5,000 kroner for regional development and fill all posts that have been vacant for decades, he added.

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