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California reparations could end Democratic identity politics

This Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, in a file image created from video from the California Governor's Office, Gov. Gavin Newsom establishes a task force to develop recommendations on how to provide compensation to black Americans. sign the billsacramento, california

Our western neighbors are about to undertake a gigantic political and socioeconomic experiment to fund the movement that launched the 2020 summer protests.

California is now one of 12 states looking to mass-transfer wealth to black communities, aimed at addressing historical wrongs against African-Americans.

Momentum for reparations drew strength from the gale caused by the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. connected to

Reparations have always been a slow sell, but the Black Lives Matter movement is giving it new impetus, and social justice Democrats say the time is now.

They are walking on unstable ground.

Reparations could cost California billions

The political struggle they seek in one of our bluest states may not yield the results they expect. In fact, it’s hard to see how they could do with the level of compensation they currently envision.

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