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2024 standout AJ Swinton returns to Virginia Tech

(Photo: VT Athletics)

After the 2023 recruiting cycle in which the Hokies signed two outstanding prospects in Brandon Rechsteiner and Jadon Young, Mike Young and his staff have plenty of talent coming to Blacksburg this season. They’re fully focused on their 2024 class. Virginia Tech has their sights set on a few players in particular, in a class already well attended.

One of those prospects is Oak Hill’s AJ Swinton, who was on campus earlier this week.

“It was a great environment!” says Swinton, who won the Hokies’ tumultuous 80-72 victory over #18 North Carolina at the Cassell Coliseum.

“I have never been [in Blacksburg] It’s a basketball game, so it was great to experience that,” Swinton says. “I got to hang out with some people. They definitely made me feel at home.”

(Photo: VT Athletics)

A 6-6 wing, Swinton previously played for DeMasa under decorated USA basketball coach and current Virginia Tech associate head coach Mike Jones. But Swinton’s ties to Virginia Tech extend beyond Jones’ relationship with his coach.

“Rod, Darren, MJ and Pat. I often talk to the DMV guys and they tell me how special this place is,” Swinton explains. “And I can definitely feel it. It’s great to see Rod’s relationship with other coaches, not just Jones with his coach.”

Swinton and vaunted Hawkeyes freshman Rodney Rice are Demasa’s teammates, and Hoopers all over the DC metro area are Jackson Reid (ex-Wilson) High School star and multiple Player of the Year award winner Darren.・I know Buchanan. Both players entered his 2022 recruit class with MJ Collins (20.3 minutes, 3.8p, 2.5r, 1.4a) and true his 7-footer Pat Wessler.

“Coach took my game apart to show me exactly how it fit into the Virginia Tech system,” says Swinton.

The Swinton is a large and versatile wing, with a reported 7-2 wingspan that gives it an extra advantage on the board to reach the rim and clog the passing lane. He has a smooth shooting his stroke and is a scoring prowess at all three levels. Swinton has recently shown tremendous athleticism and ability in other parts of his game, especially playing in transitions and paints. He’s a great defender, with an impressive vertical and altruistic teammates who are quick but in no hurry. He lets the game come to him.

Swinton currently has offers from Virginia Tech, Maryland, Ohio State University, Georgetown, Xavier, and more.

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