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Something Navy’s business is reportedly a ‘struggle’

Thanks to DeuxMoi and Reddit, internet rumors about influencer Arielle Charnas and her fashion line, Something Navy, were racing at full speed this week.I think there was an article business insiderdetailing allegations of financial misconduct by the company.

“Whenever something navy/Arielle charnas article comes up, it’s my Super Bowl,” said one murmured. another I have written“I’m sitting impatiently waiting for the Something Navy Charnas tea to print,” says Aubrey Plaza character Harper. white lotus. yet another murmured“If anyone knows anything about Ariel Charnas/Something Navy/Brandon Charnas, please let me know right away.”

article, business insider‘s Katie Warren is finally here.

as Warren murmured“When I started researching Arielle Charnas’ company, it quickly became clear that things weren’t looking rosy.”

overall insider The piece details the alleged financial troubles of Something Navy. , is at a standstill amidst an attrition of employees, meager sales and delayed payments to suppliers, freelancers and models.” Warren. “This year alone, at least 22 employees have left the company (28 full-time staff remain).”

In the article, Scalan said in a statement that employees “may have decided that a startup is not the right environment for them at this time.”

The employee also told Warren that CEO Matthew Scanlan had instructed him not to elaborate on the business situation to Charnas. “Matt was adamant she could not speak to Ariel or her husband Brandon about her business performance,” said the former high-ranking team member. insider“If she asked about anything, you had to say it was great, everyone loved it. The brand was great. The sales were great.”

Prior to the article’s publication, rumors of embezzlement were circulating, but the actual reports were of poor management and poor business. Something Navy CEO Matthew Scanlan said: Ladies’ wear daily The embezzlement rumors were “absolutely false.” “Brandon Charnas does not have access to the company’s bank account. He is not an employee of the company and does not have access points,” he said.

People also speculated about the status of Ariel Charnas’ marriage to her husband Brandon Charnas, but denied the divorce rumors, with a spokeswoman calling them “clearly false.”

overall business insider In the article, Something Navy’s current management responded to several allegations regarding unpaid payments, declining engagement rates on Instagram, and company resources being used for Charnas’ 35th birthday. did not comment on the main points regarding the business failure.

read Arielle Charnas’ company, Something Navy, is in trouble amid declining sales, employee turnover and furious suppliers.

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