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SES Launches New Era of U.S. Government Business with SES Space & Defense

SES headquarters. Photo: SES

SES Government Solution It has a new name. SES announced that it would be renamed to SES Space and Defense, the changes it says reflect new strategies and abilities. SES announced the name change on December 8 and took effect immediately.

The name change follows the integration of the recently acquired SES Government Solutions. DRS Global Enterprise Solution (DRS GES). The SES Space & Defense brand reflects the organization’s new positioning and expanded offerings to meet the needs of US government customers. SES Space & Defense has been restructured to serve customers across his two essential markets, space and defense, by establishing two business units, Space Initiatives and Defense Networks.

The Space Initiatives Unit covers fleet-centric projects leveraging SES’ global multi-orbital satellite fleet, infrastructure and assets. The Defense Networks division focuses on multi-operator managed services and end-to-end mission-critical communications. SES Space & Defense customers will benefit from new integration capabilities with the addition of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ecosystem and an ICT portal that provides a single pane of glass into network performance and essential tools for cybersecurity .

In other SES News, the company announced: MarlinkA major service provider in the satellite sector, uses additional bandwidth to serve customers in the energy sector. SES announced he signed the deal on December 8th. Services available today to Marlink’s energy sector customers digitize rig operations, easily connect crews, and power heavy applications such as video conferencing, workflow tools, enterprise resource planning, data collection and proactive cyber security. .

Since the beginning of 2022, Marlink and SES have collaborated on seven major energy projects across Africa, which will be upgraded next year to leverage SES’s O3b satellites, including SES’ second generation Middle Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites. We provide a complete hybrid network solution that O3b mPOWER.

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