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Sartori Cheese transforms into 4th generation family business with new CEO

Bert Sartori

Last updated: Dec 9, 2022 11:57 PM

plymouth base sartori cheese announced a promotion this week. Bert Sartori to Chief Executive Officer. He is now his fourth member of the Sartori family to take over as CEO of the company, his first in 83 years.

Bert’s father, Jim Sartori While in the CEO role for nearly 30 years, he represented the third generation of Sartori family leadership.

Sartori was founded in 1939 by Bart’s great-grandfather Paolo, an Italian immigrant. Bart’s grandfather, Joe, predated his father, Jim, as the head of the business. The company has grown from his team of dozens in its inception to today where he has over 900 people.

“Sartori cheese has always represented a culture of cheesemaking that celebrates creativity, passion and authenticity,” Burt says. “I am proud to lead a company rooted in tradition, but pushing the boundaries of our technology so that we can share world-new, award-winning cheeses with the world.”

Bert holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, is a licensed cheesemaker, and has over 17 years of progressive experience in finance, operations, and business development.

Bart was promoted to president of the company. July 2020, It marks the beginning of a formal transition to the fourth generation of family leadership. He joined the company as production manager in January 2016 and was promoted to sales vice president a year later.

In 2021, sartori cheese announced Plan to expand Build one of the company’s cheese factories in Plymouth and add 20 new jobs. This expansion was driven by growth in all segments of the business, including retail, restaurants and food manufacturing.

“Great cheesemaking starts with exceptional people, and we are thrilled to continue to invest in the talented and dedicated members of our team,” Burt said.

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