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Parkland Corp. Announces Leadership Restructuring

Donna Sanker becomes president of Parkland USA.


Parkland Corp. announced that it has restructured its Canadian and U.S. segment leadership and integrated USA Supply Co. into its broader supply, trading and refining segments.

Donna Sanker

Donna Sanker

Donna Sanker is appointed President of Parkland USA. Sankar has led Parkland’s Canadian division since her 2019, during which she has demonstrated strong leadership and strengthened Parkland’s Canadian operations.

“As President of the US Segment, Donna will lead and support the team and strengthen the culture of ONE Parklands,” the company announced.

Ian White becomes president of Parkland Canada.

“In over four years as Senior Vice President of our Strategic Marketing and Innovation Group, Ian led the integration of several acquisitions, the launch of JOURNIE Rewards and the expansion of our On the Run and M&M Food Market businesses. Canada Ian’s knowledge of the company’s business and brands makes him a natural choice as president of our Canadian division,” the company reports.

Ryan Krogmeier is Senior Vice President, Supply, Trading and Refining, and has led Parkland’s Supply Trading and Refining business for over four years. His portfolio has now expanded to include his US Supply Co. leadership in Parkland.

“This is a key area of ​​our business and Ryan’s expertise and leadership will help drive it to the next level,” the company said.

CStore Decisions previously reported that Doug Haugh, the former president of Parkland USA, has left the company.

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