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Olivia Colman and Sam Mendes Interview for “Empire of Light”

empire of light It harkens back to the first cinematic experience that kept audiences coming back for more. Starring Oscar-winner Olivia Colman, this movie is a moving drama about the power of relationships in very turbulent times.

From an Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter Sam Mendes, empire of light is set in and around a faded old movie theater in a coastal town in England in the early 1980s.

The film follows Hilary (Coleman) and Stephen (Coleman), movie theater managers who struggle with mental health issues.Michael Ward), he is a young recruit desperate to escape a provincial town where he faces emotional abuse, physical abuse, and racism.

Both Hilary and Stephen find a sense of belonging through their unlikely tender relationship and come to experience the healing power of music, movies and community.

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“We were fortunate to be a part of this story, to talk about mental health issues and to look after each other,” Colman said. I really felt them [emotions] When I was watching movies, they really inspired me, so I want to watch a lot of old movies. “

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