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HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital Honors Leadership and Medical Staff

HSHS St. Anthony President and CEO Chad Markham (left) and Medical Staff President Dr. John Sudkamp (right) congratulate Dr. David and Lisa Kowalski have been on the medical staff at St. Anthony’s for his 25 years.

Effingham, Illinois-(Effingham Radio)- HSHS St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital recently Hospital leadership group and medical staff for service to St. Anthony’s Church at an event in Keller Convention Center.

This event is held annually to thank board members, various hospitals. Commission, and hospital medical staff for its services. The members of the board committees are: At the event, the following were honored for completing their service period:

  • Dr. Kelly Haller was honored for two terms on the Board.
  • Dr. Jennifer Dust was honored for three terms on the Medical Executive Board.

The hospital also honored members of the medical staff who served St. Louis for many years. of Anthony. St. Anthony’s annually recognizes all active members of its medical staff. 5th anniversary and every 5th anniversary thereafter.

Thirteen members of the medical staff were honored for this year’s service anniversary. 2022. Physicians honored this year are:

5 years of service:

  • Dr. Joseph Azidinovich
  • Dr. David Downes
  • Dr. Frank Eaton
  • Dr. Nitin Kumar
  • Dr. Kevin Oliver

10 years of service:

  • Dr. Danny Beale
  • Dr. Eric Bloomer

15 years of service

20 years of service

25 years of service

  • Dr. Dominic Imbrugia
  • Dr. David Kowalski
  • Dr. Lisa Kowalski

45 years of service

HSHS St. Anthony’s President and CEO Chad Markham said: Leadership of medical staff members in leadership roles such as board and medical Executive Committee.It is also a pleasure to celebrate and recognize the commitment of our doctors Their patients, our community, and the mission of St. Anthony. ”

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