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House Democrats select former CIA agent Spanberger for leadership post

Former CIA agent Abigail Spanberger was elected Wednesday to a leadership position in the House Democratic Caucus, representing Democrats in a closely contested “battlefield” district in a 30-22 vote. rice field.

Spanberger is the first group of military intelligence veterans to join the House of Representatives in 2018 and attain leadership positions. Eleven “CIA Democrats” were elected that year, and with some ups and downs, that number rose to his thirteen as of the Nov. 8 election.

Abigail Spanberger [Photo: Spanberger for Congress]

An election in the caucuses, which make up one-quarter of the Democrats in the House, confirms the assessment by the House. World Socialist website The midterm elections have laid the groundwork for a further shift to the right by Democrats and the Biden administration.

This has already been demonstrated in practice as Congress swiftly passed laws imposing contracts on railroad workers and banning strikes. At the same time, the House of Representatives approved another substantial increase in the US military budget, including a huge US funding for the war in Ukraine against Russia.

Spanberger defeated Northeastern Pennsylvania’s fourth-rounder, Matt Cartwright. Since these terms are defined within the Democratic Party, it has become a straight left-right contest. Cartwright is a member of the Congressional Progressive Party Caucus, and Spanberger is on all three of his most right-wing Democratic caucus groups: the New Democratic Caucus, the Blue Dog Caucus, and Bipartisan Problem Solving. executive committee.

A former CIA agent denounced the political fallout of mass protests over the police killing of George Floyd, arguing that the slogan “defend the police” was a major factor in the political fallout, House Democrats said. became one of the most notorious right-wing figures among members. The Democrat has lost his 12 close congressional elections in 2020.

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