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Fracking and K-12 sports in public parks

Ohio is moving to label natural gas as green energy.

Republicans this week moved to classify natural gas as green energy, change the head of Ohio’s public education system, and restrict how transgender girls can play sports.

We break down what that means in this week’s episode of Ohio Politics Explained. Podcast from the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau to catch up on state political news in under 15 minutes. This week, host Anna Staber was joined by reporter Nolan Simmons.

1) Gas drilling in state parks

A bill that would make it easier for 4-H students to buy baby chickens got some controversial amendments this week.

Amended House Bill 507, which passed the Senate in a partisan vote, will make it harder for agencies that manage public lands to say no to digging under their properties. It also labels natural gas as green energy and limits the types of pesticides that local governments can ban.

Republicans say the change will make the excavation process under public land (which has been in place for a decade) more efficient. However, Senate Minority Leader Senator Kenny Yuko, D-Richmond Heights, said the change would “determine whether and how excavation will occur in our state parks. It shuts off critical processes and the general public.”

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