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DVIDS – News – Legal Command Professional Development Program – “Empowering Leadership”

Gaithersburg, Md. – The U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command conducted a professional development training on November 30, 2022 focused on leadership innovation and adaptability.

Lieutenant Colonel DeShun Eubanks, a G-3/3 Deputy G-3/3 from Dallas, Texas, led the Legal Command Headquarters’ First Professional Development Program (LCPDP) on Leadership Empowerment. The LCPDP is a monthly opportunity to provide presentations to Soldiers and War Department civilians on a variety of topics including strategic communications, diversity and inclusion, and historical teachings. The program supports the 2022 JAG Strategy developed by the U.S. Army Attorney General. Its top priority. ”

“Interpersonal relationships add value,” says Eubanks. We are all on the same team. ”
Since the LCPDP is open to all members, from enlisted men to officers to civilians, Eubanks reiterated the importance of diversity and inclusion of multiple perspectives as aspects of strong leadership. Referring to the article “Court is Assembled: Leadership That Empowers People”, he emphasized the importance of not only knowing our members, but actively investing in their potential from our leadership roles. A major theme was the importance of exercising trust. Members trust their leaders to nurture their potential, and leaders trust their members to realize their potential when given the opportunity to grow.

Eubanks illustrated this value with the following example. [my] I have a job but my person I was entrusted with to lead is in the same boat as two years ago and has not been developed or seasoned by training. It’s just that you’re not using your position wisely to reach their full potential. can be said to have pushed them to do better. ”

Feedback from attendees after the event was broadly positive. Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jennifer Bedell, Executive Officer of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, said the LCPDP was “a great addition to my new role as team leader for a new team in a brand new organization. It was clear that the leadership team and everyone in this building put some serious thought and planning into these really great initiatives, and I appreciate that.”

“At the end of the day, effective leaders are those who truly care about their people as people and take steps to make sure they get it! We all have important missions to accomplish. But in their struggle to achieve results, leaders must also consider the emotional health and personal and professional development of their followers as top priorities. , or more than publications, the privileged people you lead become your legacy. Give them the leadership they deserve. Army Attorney, 2022,

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