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Bolingbrook Small Business for a Personalized Touch

Chicago (CBS) — The Chicago area is home to many small businesses, many of which are very busy this holiday season.

The company in the southwestern suburbs started very small in the basement of its founder. And now, we offer a way to make gifts and year-round merchandise very ‘personal’.

This is the 365,000-square-foot warehouse at Bolingbrook’s “Personalization Mall,” where employees add a personal touch to hundreds of thousands of holiday gifts.

All year round you can order names and initials on everything from cutting boards to blankets to pillows. But the company’s vice president of marketing, Jeff Chun, says the holiday season is hot.

He showed us some bestsellers.

“Our most popular product category is Christmas ornaments. We have a wide range of personalized products with your name on them. Gnomes are very popular this holiday season. Very popular this Christmas ( We also have some personalized wrapping paper,” says Chun. Said.

Another big seller is the company’s new “Elf on a Shelf” collection. Of course, there are personalized stockings. This is his second largest category, with nearly 500,000 orders this holiday season.

And even gift boxes such as bowls and mugs can show if you’re naughty or kind.Chun said the founder, who later sold the business, actually started the business in his basement. rice field.

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