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Auto Theft Unit, Intel, Air Support Arrest 3 People Overnight — City of Albuquerque

Friday December 9, 2022

Albuquerque – Units within the Albuquerque Police Department conducted an overnight search, resulting in the arrest of three auto thefts.

Damarco Tomlin

On the night of December 8, 2022, Auto Theft and Intel detectives were conducting surveillance, aided by air support, of a stolen vehicle captured at Northeast Regional Command. The vehicle was located in a store along Paseo del Norte and the driver, DaMarco Tomlin, was arrested for receiving/transferring the stolen vehicle.

Team finds another occupied stolen vehicle at Foothills Regional Command and goes into action Shantel Martinez Surveillance. The vehicle was tracked to the Constitution and Eubank areas. A plan was developed to secure the vehicle with spike belts while parked in a commercial parking lot. The plan was successful and the vehicle was tracked to Espanola and Zuni. The driver, Chantel Martinez, was detained without incident. Martinez had a U.S. Marshal warrant for burglary and was booked with her warrant for the receipt/transfer of the stolen automobile.

Juan Santa Cruz Ramirez

The team then further monitored a third stolen vehicle at the Southeastern Regional Command. The vehicle was traced to the Southern and Eubank areas where plans were made to utilize vehicle-stopping devices. The car was successfully stopped by detectives and the driver, Juan Santa Cruz Ramirez, fled on foot. Air support maintained sight and detectives were able to arrest him. Santa Cruz Ramirez was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant and receiving/transferring a stolen vehicle.

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