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Onlookers say politics have ‘undermined’ Ed Department’s Family Engagement Council

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later U.S. Department of Education Sudden Dissolution At the newly formed National Parent and Family Engagement Council on Monday, concerned groups shared their disappointment but clarified they would continue to urge agencies to prioritize family engagement.

The council had never met since its creation by the education ministry until it was dissolved, said Vito Borrello, executive director of the Association for Family, School and Community Engagement. NAFSCE is one of fourteen groups represented on the Ed Department Council, and this organization has appointed two of her guardians as members of the Council.

the education department had Council established in June Building “strong and effective relationships between the school and parents, families and caregivers”.

many things are on the line Political conflict grows within the community, in addition to combating misinformation, undermines efforts to promote respectful dialogue in schools.Voter Confidence in Public Education decreased significantly since the pandemic. Experts suggest school districts improve family engagement to address this decline in social trust, but federal efforts to help struggling school districts facilitate this Very few.

But just one month after the council’s formation, three conservative activist organizations—America First Legal Foundation, Fight for Schools and Families, and Parents Defending Education—were formed. sued the department He called for the council to be dissolved, arguing that its members lacked a “balanced” perspective. The lawsuit alleges that the council violated the Federal Advisory Board Act.

disappointments and blessings follow

Education department said in a statement On Monday, the agency decided not to proceed with the council anyway, citing a disagreement with the allegations.

“Regardless of our political, social and cultural backgrounds, we all share a critical concern for the future of our students and our nation,” the education ministry said.

The department said parents and families play a key role in shaping the future of their children and communities, adding that it has continued to work to listen and engage with as many parents as possible. rice field.

In addition, the Ministry of Education said: stay connected By hosting town halls and providing resources, we can reach out to families across the country.

“According to the NAFSCE definition, family involvement is not good public relations,” says Borrello.

“Thus, while holding webinars or sending out newsletters may be beneficial, it is not strategic in itself. The strategic approach we build is substantive, nothing more, and we accept it.”

Some of the council’s representatives expressed disappointment at its closure, but the group that filed the lawsuit unsurprisingly sees the council’s demise as a victory.

“This Council of Fake Parents, by decking out a very special interest group that has awakened parents across America to the long game of politicizing public schools with far-left anti-fellows, has taken control of the system. Ian Prior, Executive Director of Fight for School and Families and Senior Advisor to the America First Legal Foundation, said: in a statement.

Previously, he was a senior official in then-President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice.

“Road of Political Turmoil”

Keri Rodriguez, president of the National Parents Union, another group represented on the council, said in an emailed statement that the move reflected “another failure by both Democrats and Republicans.” said.

“Both parties claim that they have the best interests of their families and students, but they have done nothing concrete to prove it,” Rodriguez said.

Elected officials continue down a “path of political turmoil”, but Rodriguez said there is also ongoing data Revealing the mathematics and literacy crisis A result of the pandemic.

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