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Meyrowitz Named Damon Wells Professor of Political Science

Adam Mylowitz
Adam Mylowitz

Renowned political economist Adam Meirowitz’s theoretical approach has advanced the study of international relations in the areas of strategy and conflict, as well as his understanding of domestic political institutions. He was appointed Damon Wells Professor of Political Science.

He is a member of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the Department of Political Science and holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Economics.

Recognized as one of the greatest formal theorists of his generation, Meylowitz will join the faculty of Yale University on July 1, 2022, after serving as professors at the Universities of Utah and Princeton. . He is an expert in the use and misuse of information in strategic situations, and his research focuses on the application of game theory to the study of governance, collective decision-making, and military conflict. Over the course of his career, he has made substantial contributions across several important subfields of political science: and comparative politics. Moreover, his methodological approach is a model for scholars in the field.

He was a major innovator in using game theory to understand organization, governance, electoral politics, and choice, and his work as a formal theorist has had a substantial impact on the field of political economy. In 2012, he received the Social Choice Welfare Award, which is given every two years to outstanding scholars under the age of 40 who are active in the fields of social choice theory or welfare economics.

Meylowitz’s scholarship was supported by funding from the National Science Foundation, and his published work covers arms sales and disputes, shareholder votes, political lobbying, the role of money and parties in politics, deliberations, and debates. It covers various topics such as delegation, learning evolution and ecology. The existence of equilibrium in systems, strategic voting in parliament, and certain types of large-scale games. His paper “Spatial Models of Delegation” (co-authored with Jonathan Bendor) won him the 2005 Heinz Eulau Award for best paper published in the American Political Science Review. He is the co-author (with Nolan McCarty) of the field-defining book Political Game Theory.,His scholarships have also been published in the American Political Science Review, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Financial Economics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . As a top theory journal.

He has been an outstanding academic citizen at his previous institutions and will no doubt make an important contribution to the intellectual community at Yale University. is. At Princeton University, he directed the quantitative and analytical political science programs and fostered strong intellectual communities in both units.

Meirowitz’s education includes graduate and undergraduate courses in game theory, formal analysis, mathematical modeling, and non-market strategy. He is a popular leader whose mentors regularly hold positions in the top political science departments and have received awards from previous institutions for their postgraduate teaching. . At Princeton University, he played a key role in incorporating formal methodology training into the graduate curriculum. These efforts have supported graduate students across political science subfields.

Meirowitz received his Ph.D. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester.

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