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IAAPA Expo 2022: What’s New in Theme Entertainment?

While amusement park enthusiasts may be saving up to ride the latest attraction over the summer, industry insiders have taken a sneak peek at the next innovative ride and game in hospitality and tourism. . His IAAPA Expo 2022, held at the Orange County Expo Center, ended his November with over 1,000 attendees witnessing what the future of hospitality and tourism looks like.

Although the IAAPA Expo is only in its second year since the pandemic, attendance has increased by 25% compared to the previous year. Since the pandemic, the IAAPA expos have become important venues for industry members to connect and talk with other industry professionals. You can also enjoy watching how the tourism and hospitality industry has innovated and what to expect from the entertainment industry in the years to come. .

A big innovation many companies have been working on is the fast growing and successful VR games and amusement parks. According to Omnico, 42% of Americans would like to incorporate VR into their amusement park rides. Hit show Hawaii Five-O & NCIS: Hawaii actor Tom Schanley shares his thoughts on various VR games he was able to test while attending IAAPA Expo 2022.

Tom’s thoughts

“There were a lot, or a few, cool untethered VR shooters. The one I played was a team battle sequence with two people on one team. Avatar, your picture is your avatar and it looked great, the masks and body armor were color coded to match your teammates, apparently a team of two.

The arena itself was a wall of different levels that you could move around and jump on to shoot enemies. So it was a really active game. It was great. I could get my heart rate up if I really wanted to, instead of just standing there and moving and shooting. Also, if I ran out of ammo during a fight, there were these green circular sections in either corner that I had to go through without getting shot.

The whole thing is clearly a first-person shooter perspective. yeah, it was a lot of fun. If you can do it in a bigger place with a lot of people, that’s really impressive. yeah, well done

Actor Tom Shanley attended the expo and discussed his favorite moments at the IAAPA expo, including joining the Marvel Universe in comics with Groot.

“This was also very cool for me in terms of technology, because they have all the augmented reality that can be a filter on your phone. It may not be cutting edge technology, but Marvel That’s me and Groot, that’s me, just in case.

But being part of the Marvel Universe is a lot of fun. ”

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