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Dayton Nightlife and Entertainment Calendar Launches

DAYTON, OH (WDTN) — Party Wizard provides daily inside scoops on live music and events in Dayton’s brand new nightlife and entertainment calendar.

This website was created by business partners Eric Bluebaum and Brian Johnson. The two were inspired by living in other cities and seeing how their music scenes operate.

(From left) Brian Johnson and Eric Blubaum

“Party Wizard is the result of years of loving the music scene and wanting to know everything that’s going on in it,” says Bluebaum.

Johnson said it can be difficult to know what’s going on in the city.

“Party Wizard provides an independent, free website for everyone to see all the live music and entertainment events happening around town in one place,” says Johnson.

“I think it’s important to be a productive member of the local arts movement. The site works to strengthen that scene through marketing support for artists and venues.”

The website compiles a master event calendar featuring Yellow Cab Tavern, The Barrel House, Hole in the Wall, Ned Peppers, Blind Bob’s, Brightside, Blind Rage Records, Black Box Improv, and more venues to come. will be added.

“Party Wizard is a love letter to the Dayton music scene. We are passionate champions of our local scene and would love to see it thrive,” added Bluebaum.

You can view the newly launched website here.

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