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Voting or pre-selection? – Hornet newspaper

Timany S. Mills

For the past several years, the Campus Activities Board (CAB), formerly known as the Hornet Activities Committee (HAC), was a pre-selected group of students based on academic performance, student engagement, and strong leadership skills. However, her CAB took an unexpected turn this year, asking students to vote who they would like to be part of this incredible team. The CAB is a student committee that plans major college events, homecomings, spring break and welcome weeks for student groups. The question at hand is whether a pre-elected board or a student board is better for a university?

College administrators’ handpicking of student leaders is not representative of the student body. In most cases, administrators choose students who have no connection with their peers. They select students who tend to be socially awkward and not really connected in the way they need to. must have a strong connection with

The managerial mindset of a perfect student leader is a student who has excellent grades and has done a lot of community service. But as good as it may seem, students who achieve excellent grades and are passionate about everything else are a perfect match. These students understand the minds of their peers and know what events to bring to them. Imagine schools spending thousands of dollars on events.

It’s very important to actually vote on the students who plan some of the biggest events of the school year. In particular, Homecoming VSU Spectator said, “Homecoming allows students to show the school spirit, have fun, and create memories that will last forever.” This week is expected to be her week full of events. Her senior bioscience major, Amber Daniel, said: When the CAB was pick-only, the board never announced themselves, so I didn’t know to whom we students could raise concerns about bad events.

Having that much responsibility can be both a blessing and a curse. Being on a board like that is a lot of pressure. Your expectations of pleasing all students are very high. Not all students have the same interests, but it’s your job to do your best and cater to the majority of the population.

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