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Tribute to Utah Tech students killed in balcony fall accident

st.George, Utah — Tuesday night at the Utah Tech University was an emotional evening as students, teachers and staff gathered to pay tribute to the freshmen who died in a tragic accident.

Peyton Hall, 18, fell from the fifth-floor balcony of the campus student housing complex early Sunday morning.

Hall was known as someone who lived life to the fullest.

“This student was so loved by those who lived with him and those who surrounded him.” I feel that at this time of year, students need time to gather together and heal.”

“It’s heartbreaking to think about how short life can be,” said Skyy Schuffenhauer, a student at the all-night gathering who also participated in the wrap-up. “I think it’s important to create a safe place for students to gather and share memories.”

Family, friends remember Utah Tech freshman as ‘the life of the party’

Hall collapsed and died around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, police said. Five other students were in the apartment and one was on the balcony, sitting on a chair and talking on the phone.

Investigators said all of those students saw it happen.In addition, there were dozens of students in other apartments and balconies who saw the aftermath.

(Dan Lascon/KSL TV)

(Dan Lascon/KSL TV)

UTU Police Chief Ron Bridges said an investigation was still ongoing, but said there was no indication of any foul play or jokes being carried out when he collapsed.

“It looks like human error. It’s a horrific and tragic accident — that’s what we’re dealing with. Nothing suspicious at all,” he told KSL TV. There were others in. No alcohol subpoenas have been issued.We will wait for the toxicology report until we can comment on it. [whether Hall had been drinking]”

The university immediately called its crisis management team to provide resources for students in need of support and counseling.

“We know that we are here for our students, that we understand this is very sad, and that we are working to ensure that our students have the appropriate resources they need. I wanted my students to understand what I wanted to do.

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