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SNIA Announces New Leadership for 2022-2023

Dr. J Metz, Chair of the SNIA Board of Directors, said: “We look forward to the storage and networking needs of the next era and he continues to see SNIA evolve across the organization to provide continued support for the industry.”

“As in the past 25 years, SNIA’s technical efforts continue to underscore the industry’s recognition of SNIA’s value, impact, and market shifts,” said Bill Martin, co-chair of the SNIA Technical Council. says Mr. “The Technical Council is committed to driving the evolution of technical standards, architectures and specifications while continuing to foster collaboration with other industry organizations.”

SNIA has published three new technical standards, another has achieved International Standards Certification (ISO), and five new SFF specifications have been released this year. In 2023, SNIA will focus its technical efforts on the following areas:

  • Smart Data Accelerator Interface (SDXI) v1.0 is now the new SNIA standard
  • Extensions to the Computational Storage API and Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model continue computational storage for new release versions.
  • DNA Data Storage by DNA Data Storage Alliance Technology Affiliate
  • SNIA Swordfish continues to develop extensions
  • Continued commitment to SNIA Emerald program and Storage Device Level Power Efficiency Measurement (SDLPEM) activities

board of directors

Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Dr. J Metz, AMD
  • Vice Chair: Richelle Ahlvers, Intel Corporation
  • Secretary: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Chris Lionetti
  • Treasurer: Sue Amalin
  • Members: Scott Shadley, Solidigm Technology
  • Honorary Chair: Wayne Adams, Industry Consultant

board member:

  • Dell Technologies, Peter Corbett
  • Kioxia Corporation John Geldman
  • Roger Hathorne, IBM
  • Jonathan Hinkle, Micron
  • Dave Landsman, Western Digital, Inc.
  • Chris Ruth, NetApp
  • David McIntyre, Samsung Corporation

technical council

  • Co-Chair: Kioxia Corporation Mark Carlson
  • Co-Chairs: Bill Martin, Samsung Corporation

Technical Council Members:

  • Curtis Ballard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Stephen Bates, Eideticom
  • Alan Bumgarner, Solidigm Technology
  • Anthony Constantine, Intel Corporation
  • Shyam Iyer, Dell Technologies
  • Glen Jacket, IBM
  • Fred Knight, NetApp
  • Dave Peterson of Broadcom, Inc.
  • Rear Shave, AMD

Learn more about the SNIA Board and SNIA Technical Council.

About SNIA

The Storage Networking Industry Association is a not-for-profit global organization of member companies spanning the storage market. As a globally recognized and trusted institution for storage leadership, standards and technology expertise, SNIA’s mission is to lead the storage industry in developing and developing vendor-neutral architectures, standards and educational services. to promote. information.

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