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More Chicago political hijinks and feuds

Another election season in Chicago is full of ridiculous political hijinks, by Marcus Gilmer

City Hall

Election hijinks are nothing new in Chicago politics, and just as the votes are rolling for next year’s election, three feuds have emerged, a reminder that time is in flat circles.

Fierce competition between candidates in mayoral elections Ricky Hendon, adviser to Jamal Greene and Willie Wilson rekindled. In late 2018, Green and Hendon had a war of words after Hendon challenged Green’s petition for the 2019 election. Finished in 1st place.

Fast forward to this week.Hendon Also Challenge Green, While Green Confirm by tweet He is part of the challenge to Wilson’s petition.

As Justin Lawrence reported on Cranes, Wilson had this to say about the match: Green talked about Ricky Hendon’s mother. ” Hendon told a Chicago Tribune reporter That “talk” was a playground taunt created by Green in 2018.

Another twist: On Tuesday, Green secured the coveted top spot in the February poll in the lottery. Wilson finished fourth. Assuming they survived these challenges.

Elsewhere, Aldo.James Gardiner, No. 45, in pickles. Also. First, James Sue, who accused Gardiner of threatening him after Sue criticized him in 2019, submitted to run for Gardiner’s seat.

Volunteers for another Gardiner opponent, Mariya Tomic, now say Gardiner confronted them when they were collecting signatures in late November and two police reports on the incident were filed. Gardiner staff dismissed the accusations against CBS 2, claiming the ring camera video that captured the event was edited.

Fortunately, another elder skirmish ended peacefully. Declan Morgan, owner of the Irish Nobleman Pub, suggested to Block Club Chicago: Aldo.Daniel La Spata, 1st place, the bar’s inflatable Christmas decorations raised funds for Sam Royco (son of famed Chicago journalist Mike Royco) and former Aldo, two candidates who submitted to challenge La Spata Proco “Joe” Moreno. Both Aldo. La Spata and his CDOT told Block Club Chicago that inflatables are blocking public walkways.

and Tuesday afternoon series of tweets, La Spata cleared the air, explained why the inflatable was moved, and said he also reached out to the pub. And he recognized that someone might assume “cheating” because Chicago politics used to be that way.

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