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Manage every part of your life and business with America’s first community-driven super app



Founder Henry Jan focuses on community over accountability, selling personal data, and introduces next-level capabilities with Zero Algorithm.

NEW YORK, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On December 7, 2022, Vezbi officially launches America’s first community-driven super app, algorithm-free. Following years of organic growth, Vezbi introduces a community-focused “everything” app built on core values ​​of accountability and transparency. Launch His release is the culmination of founder Henry Jan’s ongoing efforts to shape a better mobile-only online environment, as well as his experience using technology to nurture communities and small businesses.

“Vezbi has been a passion project for the last six years, shaped by my experiences in today’s online digital world, the ‘Wild West,’” explains Jan. everyone wants. Especially when it comes to combining data privacy, elimination of intimidating algorithms, and transparency across the platform. “

Businesses and individuals are already relying on the US-based Super App for almost every aspect of their lives and businesses. For example, users can access restaurant menus, waitlists, event lists, and digital offers from a growing pool of restaurants and businesses that already host microapps on Vezbi.

Microapps are single-purpose, fast-loading apps hosted within superapps. Microapps allow businesses to launch their own apps at a fraction of the cost and time of developing traditional apps, while leveraging the user base and ecosystem of super apps.

Since the internet is still in its infancy, Vezbi plans to lead a significant move towards a better, more civilized version. Like his WeChat in China and Grab app in Southeast Asia, Vezbi proudly offers unparalleled functionality with a firm commitment to:

  • no algorithm

  • no anonymity

  • No data sale

In addition to further perfecting Super App’s technology, founder Jan intends to use Vezbi as a starting point for giving back.Brand’s recent launch Project Seva Introduced an equity donation and partnership program for qualified nonprofits.

Download Vezbi now. Available for both iOS and Android.Click here for details

About Vezubi:
Vezbi is a community-driven super app designed to organize and integrate all aspects of your life in one centralized application. All companies, users and agents are welcome to join Vezbi as long as they meet the technical requirements and rules set out in the Terms of Use and related documents. Vezbi is available for both iOS and Android.Click here for details

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