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LEADERSHIP Greater Syracuse Invites New Community Leaders

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LEADERSHIP Greater Syracuse announced Thursday that 52 participants will serve as community leaders in the 2023 class of its annual flagship program.

LGS, a leadership development program, aims each year to prepare a class of participants who make a difference in their communities. Participants in this year’s program come from a variety of backgrounds and receive training and education before organizing community service efforts throughout the year, said Pam Brunet, executive director of LGS.

“They will be immersed in our community’s problems as well as their achievements,” said Brunet. increase.”

LGS offers three specific programs that benefit the community. Flagship Program, CNY Political Leaders Association, Citizen Participation Return on Investment.

The CNY Political Leadership Institute prepares members for the political process through guidance on the mechanics of running for public office, and The Return of Investment of Civic Engagement program focuses on strategic philanthropy and volunteerism for community engagement. I am consulting with a company in central New York about

The flagship program, which requires participants to go through an application process, includes a two-day retreat and 10 annual meetings to discuss community topics such as government, education and economic development.

The 2023 class is made up of a wide range of participants, with professionals ranging from Diego Uribe of the New York National Guard to Justin Keskin of Wool Skateboards. Jessica Pitcher, member of her Class of 2022 at LGS and associate of Syracuse University Alumni Career Her Director of Her Service, emphasized the importance of diversity in the program’s selection process.

“One of the best things about LGS is the diversity of everyone’s backgrounds,” Pitcher said. “They take diversity holistically.”

Brunet said the program prioritizes finding class members who are committed to the community and who demonstrate breadth and depth of interest and experience in volunteering.

“[Candidates]have to prove that they believe in our community,” said Brunet. “And second, they seem willing to roll up their sleeves and do something to make our community better.”

A two-day retreat in January includes a character and leadership assessment and education about the history of the Syracuse community.

“A lot of people only know what they know from what they read. There’s a lot to do.” It’s ongoing in the community on this side,” Brunet said.

After the retreat, participants will begin monthly community meetings. Brune said the meeting covers not only community issues, but also the committee’s achievements.

Participants should plan for two of these monthly class meetings before they “graduate.” Pitcher explained that her two-day plan is titled Community Service Day and Commitment to Lead and Serve.

During Community Service Day 2022, attendees listened to John Tomino, founder of street advocacy organization In My Father’s Kitchen. Rise above the street.

“(By attending the conference) you can also touch on a lot of topics that you didn’t necessarily choose to listen to,” Pitcher said. “For example, I didn’t sign up for Government Day, but I could always hear from people doing all of that[government work].”

The Class of 2022 held its final day of classes on November 10th, titled Commit to Lead and Serve, with a formal graduation ceremony on November 16th. After graduation, Brunet will use his newly acquired leadership skills to help participants remain involved in the Syracuse community and work better with others.

Deidre Keefe, a member of the 2022 Flagship Program class and an ECHO project manager at Upstate Medical University, said the program broadened her horizons and gave her ideas and information she would not have learned otherwise. I said I introduced her to her.

“My eyes have been opened to the fact that at this point in my life I’m pretty sure of things I wouldn’t have known,” Keefe said. You are like-minded and have a lot in common, making friendships and networking connections easy. “


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