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Baylor Data Scientists are partners in a National Science Foundation grant to prepare the next generation of data science professionals using sports and publicity

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SCORE collaboration brings together five university and sports industry partners to bring data science applications through sports

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WACO, Texas (December 7, 2022) – Data scientists from Baylor University join colleagues from four other universities to explore new approaches to engaging and preparing the next generation of data scientists through sports analytics. was awarded one of the largest National Science Foundation grants of .

The four-year, $1.1 million grant will bring together SCORE educators from Baylor and principal recipients Carnegie Mellon University, St. Lawrence University, University of Pittsburgh, and the United States Military Academy. Sports content for data science outreach, research, and education.

The Baylor Hub is led by the Faculty of Statistical Sciences, including SCORE Co-Principal Investigator Dr. Rod Sterdevant, Associate Professor of Statistical Sciences and Director of Baylor’s Center for Statistical Consulting. Michael Gallaugher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Statistical Science. Dr. Joshua Patrick, Lecturer in Statistical Science. Serving as the grant evaluator is his Grant Morgan, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research and Professor of Educational Psychology at Baylor School of Education.

Over 70 sports team and league partners signed up as part of a national network to work with educators to introduce fundamental data science topics through sports applications, including sports data, computer code, and example problems I am creating a full-fledged module. All materials are freely accessible to students and faculty through Carnegie Mellon University’s Integrated Statistical Learning Environment (ISLE).

Prominent organizations and leaders such as ESPN, NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban have offered their support for the program. The resource is aimed at undergraduates and covers a wide range of men’s and women’s sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis and cricket.

For Sturdivant, SCORE is an exciting project to generate broad interest in the rapidly advancing interdisciplinary field of data science. The Department of Statistical Science offers multiple undergraduate and graduate programs and recently added a Sports Analysis concentration to its Bachelor of Science in Statistics.

“Statistics is one of the fastest growing STEM majors in the United States,” says Sturdivant. “We believe these opportunities through Baylor’s partnership with the SCORE network will attract students who may not have been interested in statistics and data science as a career path.”

Industry partners lead the development of each module with guidance from a team of professional educators, introducing multiple steps for manipulating the data, from data collection, to building and evaluating appropriate models, to communicating results. increase. Through this work, educators will gain a better understanding of the skills and approaches used by sports analytics professionals, including access to case studies.

“Students learn to ‘think with data’ using real-world, unstructured datasets,” Sturdivant said.

Evaluation and knowledge generation focus on exploring three key ideas: 3) Analyze user data to explore student and educator engagement.

The project also provides professional development opportunities for faculty and engages various institutions and student collections with the additional goal of expanding participation in the data science workforce.

As the need for data analytics grows, Baylor Data Scientists at the Research 1 level will receive grants to fund their research portfolios to inspire the next generation of ethical leaders and problem solvers in the diverse fields of data science. leading the way in delivering to businesses and industries. .

“NSF grants like this are very important to our department because they establish the uniqueness of our research among other R1 statistical programs,” said Dr. James D. Stamey, Chair and Professor of Statistical Sciences at Baylor. , said:

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