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Tennessee Tech Opens New Poultry Research Center

Published Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 4:24 PM

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The Tennessee Institute of Technology celebrated the grand opening of its Poultry Science Research Center on December 2nd and the official naming of the Aviagen Poultry Science Laboratory within it. The new facility, which provides faculty and students at the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology with access to cutting-edge technology, was made possible by numerous supporters across the state.

Tech President Phil Oldham said: “We strongly believe in partnerships with the Tennessee Institute of Technology because we believe that together we are better. After enjoying our facilities, our students will have the opportunity to get a job and make a big difference. is everything.”

The new facility is located on the grounds of Tech’s Shipley Farm and includes two 30ft x 200ft poultry research barns, a feed mill, processing plant, commercial kitchen, hatchery and classrooms.

Students will get hands-on experience of the work being done in today’s poultry industry and will be involved in important research in health and nutrition with Victoria Ayers, a new assistant professor of poultry science.

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact of what I call scholars and teachers,” said Lori Bruce, Dean and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. “When faculty and staff have the opportunity to have world-class research facilities for conducting academic research at the top level, it advances discovery, knowledge, and innovative solutions to societal problems. It has a direct impact on the experience of students because they get the advantage of being taught by a faculty member: they can participate in research, but faculty members can also be practitioners in the field.”

Graduates will know the skills they are learning are relevant and up-to-date as soon as they enter the workforce.

Kevin Braswell, Vice President of College Admissions, said: “Through this center and his Aviagen Poultry Science Laboratory, students gain hands-on experience, apply current industry practices, better understand the scientific process, and become leaders in that process. can do things.”

In addition to Aviagen, the global market leader in poultry breeding, Tech was also supported by sources such as the Drive to 55 Project Capacity Fund Grant, the Tennessee Poultry Association and the Tennessee Board of Regents.

“This is without a doubt the best research center in Tennessee,” said Daron Smith, dean of agriculture and human ecology. “Having these relationships builds a pipeline for students to get jobs and internships. It helps us further train them to enter the industry.”

Amy New, president and CEO of the Cookville Chamber of Commerce, agrees. “The industry is looking for people with a background in agriculture and human ecology because they bring grit, loyalty, hard work and everything,” she said. “I am thrilled that Tennessee Tech is producing some great future leaders,” she said.

Tech students are expected to begin using the facility in Spring 2023.

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