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Telefónica reaffirms its leadership in Digital Rights Ranking 2022

Telefónica leads the Telecommunications Digital Rights Ranking (RDR) for the third consecutive year. The 2022 RDR Telco Giants Scorecard evaluates the commitment, control and transparency of 12 global telecommunications companies around the world in terms of governance, privacy and freedom of expression.

The company is an 8% improvement over last year’s edition, and while it also tops the rankings for privacy issues for the first time, it continues to rank first for governance and freedom of expression.

In the Governance section, Telefónica again topped the rankings with a score of 85%, becoming the only company to conduct a human rights impact assessment in all areas analyzed by the RDR. In this context, the ranking also highlights the company’s high level of commitment to human rights through its Human Rights Policy and oversight of the latter by the Board’s Sustainability and Quality Committee.

Telefónica leads this subsection first when it comes to privacy categories. RDR emphasizes that “the company has clear and robust policies regarding data collection and use.” In this respect, it is worth highlighting the added value of the information contained in the Transparency Center for Telefónica’s customers and other stakeholders. Finally, in the Freedom of Expression section, the ranking highlights Telefónica’s policies and due diligence practices in general, and its commitment to net neutrality in particular.

2022 Ranking Digital Rights’ Telco Giants Index

2022 Ranking Digital Rights' Telco Giants Index

2022 Ranking Digital Rights’ Telco Giants Index

Digital Rights (RDR) Ranking

Ranking Digital Rights (RDR), a non-profit initiative of New America’s Open Technology Institute, produces an annual corporate accountability index that ranks the world’s most powerful internet, mobile ecosystem and telecommunications companies. The 2022 telecommunications industry ranking includes 12 companies spread across 10 countries, with subsidiaries operating in more than 150 countries. Collectively, the policies of these companies affect billions of people around the world. The RDR advocates for businesses to continue to work towards respecting people’s digital rights and issues recommendations to businesses and governments in this regard.

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