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Organization doubles down on roles while promoting membership

Nancy Kuhel, executive director of the Clintonville Area Business Association, stands inside the Cornerstone Deli & Café.  Kuhel said she has not reached her goal since announcing her membership increase in March, but has doubled the ranks of the trade association.

The Clintonville Area Business Association has now added more than 50 companies to its roster, following the promotion of membership that began in March.

The goal was to triple membership to 150 by January 1, and CABA executive director Nancy Kuhel says that number is on the right track.

“I hit 100 or I plan to hit 100, so that’s fine,” she said.

“This is very reassuring. I think a lot of it is that our members are aware of the value and are better able to communicate the value of being a member.”

The non-profit officially launched around the end of June 2021 and immediately signed on to 15 members.

CABA replaced the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce established in 1995. This chamber of commerce once had more than 300 dues, but he disbanded in 2020 at the start of the COVID pandemic.

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