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Nexen develops tire noise tool for estimating rupture distance

Nexen Tire Corporation said it has developed a new technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to analyze the road surface and estimate the required braking distance.

The South Korean tire maker said it has conducted research and development jointly with Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors and Inha University as part of an industry-academia research project. The company added that it has applied for a patent covering the technology developed in the project.

Nexen said it has developed a technology that collects big data about tire noise and automatically detects and analyzes road and tire conditions. Using AI and big data, we collected tire noise from various road surfaces such as old and new asphalt and concrete, and also collected tire conditions such as wet and dry conditions and wear.

The company says it has developed a tool that takes into account 300,000 factors generated from 250 road tests on different surfaces. This technology is particularly useful for autonomous driving technology to optimize vehicle control performance by automatically analyzing the friction characteristics between the road surface and the vehicle.

Nexen said in a statement: “Road detection using AI and big data provides customer convenience and aids safety by facilitating optimal driving conditions through tire changes and alerts on optimal driving conditions.”

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