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Grant Programs to Support Small Businesses

The Economic Development Councils of Jefferson, Clallam and Grays Harbor Counties, along with Peninsula College and Grays Harbor College, have announced a new grant program called Olympic Peninsula Small Business Boost.

Collaborating partners will receive $1.3 million from the Department of Commerce through June 1, 2023 to provide free professional legal and/or marketing services to underserved businesses within the three-county area. Awarded.

This assistance includes developing a simple website. In addition, he enables small businesses to deploy his QuickBooks with free bookkeeping services.

The grant also provides free online bookkeeping classes for over 20 students. Students will receive her free online training, a monthly stipend, and a laptop computer with her QuickBooks and Microsoft Office that they will own at the end of the class.

These newly certified bookkeepers will be placed as interns at small businesses requesting bookkeeping support beginning in April.

At this stage, each student is supported by technical experts from the university and earns $50 per hour. This is paid for by a grant.

Colleen Makaria, Executive Director of the Clalham Economic Development Council, said:

“We didn’t have enough bookkeepers in each of our communities to keep up with the small businesses that needed help,” explains McAleer. “Now we can support these companies and train cohorts of professionals at the same time. You will have clients.”

Bookkeeper training applications can be found at The deadline for applications is Thursday, December 15th.

Enterprise applications can be found at

Small business owners must apply by December 31st at the latest.

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