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Exclusive: Auto Engine 822cc Parallel Twin Royal Enfield Himalayan Engine Detailed Description

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Globally, the custom bike scene is pretty mature. Customization is a very unique way of artistic expression, requiring as much engineering as an aesthetic eye. But building a custom engine isn’t for everyone. It requires painstaking precision and intricate engineering not possible in the average workshop with welding machines. Here’s how Pune-based custom bike his builder his Auto Engina built the world’s first his 822cc parallel twin his Royal Enfield his Himalaya.

Auto Engina didn’t use an existing platform like the Continental GT 650’s 650cc twin cylinder motor and bore out the cylinder head to get to 822cc. Instead, two he took BS3 Himalayan 411cc cylinder heads, which he fused into one motor. After that, I remodeled the inside and made it a parallel twin motor.

Therefore, the two pistons are mounted on a custom crankshaft and the stroke cycle is set in a 180 degree firing order. The valves on each cylinder head also had to be redesigned, so they work with custom-made camshafts. However, the 5-speed gearbox is still retained.

Power results (no dynamo test) are around 45-50PS, torque is very fat, and Auto Engina says the two-speed Himalayan 822 feels like a stock three- and four-speed Himalaya. The bike will be tested as soon as we get it for proper road testing.

A bigger engine means more heat output, so the Himalaya 822 is given a larger oil cooler borrowed directly from the Royal Enfield 650cc twin. Both engines are from the BS3 era, so the fuel is still the carburetor (twin stock carburetor).

A bigger engine by default adds a lot more weight. The Himalaya 822 weighs around 240 kg (curb) without panniers and top box. Manufactured in partnership with his Autologue Design, a design house, this Himalaya 822 he will build 15 units and cost around Rs 100,000 per box. A little pricey, especially since it’s not a road regulation.

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