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State Agencies Announce Funding Opportunities for Local Governments

Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont Department of Transportation (AOT) and the Vermont Department of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) announced today that applications are open for the Better Connections Grants Program. This program grants approximately $270,000 twice a year to plan funds to help cities and towns (outside Chittenden County) build more livable, walkable, and welcoming communities. increase.

Transportation Secretary Joe Flynn said: “The Better Connections program will provide communities with the tools to plan inclusive and resilient transportation systems and provide funding to help build those systems.”

“The design of our communities and streets directly impacts fair and accessible transportation for Vermonters,” said Josh Hanford, Commissioner for Housing and Community Development. “This program empowers local leaders to design and build streets that are comfortable, vibrant, walkable, safe and revitalized.”

The Better Connections program is a partnership between AOT, ACCD, and the Natural Resources Agency to provide technical assistance and funding to communities to help them achieve their goals and plan for growth. . This program will increase multimodal transportation options and fund planning efforts to improve land use, water quality, public health, and economic vitality in Vermont communities.

Interested parties must electronically submit a pre-application and schedule a pre-application interview by January 30, 2022. The deadline for grant applications is February 17, 2023.

In 2021, Better Connections has funded three ongoing projects.

  • The town of Bethel is developing an action plan to improve the village’s accessibility and safety, strengthen links with recreational assets, and capitalize on economic opportunities to revitalize the village centre.
  • The town of Lyndon is using a full street approach in developing a village master plan to improve the safety, walkability and liveliness of the historic commercial centre.
  • The town of Poultney is creating a master plan to better connect its downtown and recreation centers by improving the streetscape and increasing the downtown’s economic vitality.

For more information, visit the Better Connections webpage.

12.5.2022. Vermont, Vermont Vermont Department of Transportation

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