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Scrap metal business deemed ‘total loss’ after Greenville fire – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

Greenville — Greenville’s scrap metal business is considered a “total loss” after Sunday night’s fire.

>>Photo: Crew at the site of a building fire in Greenville

At approximately 5:52 p.m., several firefighters responded to reports that a metal scrapper had caught fire at 300 Central Avenue.

Greenville Fire Chief Kevin Subler told News Center 7’s Brandon Lewis that the owner of the business was working with another person to dismantle metal and cardboard when his cardboard got stuck. .

“Before he could bring down (the fire) with the extinguisher, the fire had moved up and into the insulation above him, and it was too much for him,” he said.

The two were unharmed and the cause of the fire was determined to be an accident, but the business is considered a “total loss,” Subler said.

“It’s a complete loss. We have nothing here,” he said.

The owner worked with cardboard and metal, aluminum and steel.

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Sabler said firefighters are working to extinguish the hotspot on Sunday night to prevent it from reigniting, and the crew will be back.

“We have to worry about the structure itself,” he said. “Many times the heat has weakened and the ceiling has collapsed.

Another concern was the large number of propane tanks on the premises.

“He had a compactor inside and some torches inside,” Sabler told Lewis. “Mostly it ran on propane and had a ton of extra propane tanks inside, with 20 to 30 pound cylinders.”

The Greenville fire received mutual aid from several Darke County departments.

News Center 7 continues to provide the latest information.

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