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Primary reform could be Biden’s greatest contribution to politics

President Joe Biden’s greatest impact on American politics may not come in the form of legislation or confirmation by federal judges.

When Biden finally decided to resign, his pressure on Democrats to reschedule their presidential primaries and put South Carolina first was the candidate’s survival in the eyes of voters and the Democratic elite. It may affect your chances.

Mr. Biden last week called on Democratic National Committee leaders to change the order of the primary, ousting Iowa and its own caucus system from the lead. Biden’s priority is South Carolina first, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire, then Georgia and Michigan.

In 2020, Iowa was the first to host on February 3rd, followed by New Hampshire on February 11th, Nevada on February 22nd, and South Carolina on February 29th.

By calling for relatively diverse states to take the lead instead of Iowa, Mr. Biden understandably gives nonwhite voters a greater say in the electoral process. base.

This explains why the Democrat Speaker of South Carolina was so happy with the plan.

“Joe Biden is not only trying to change America, but he seems to be trying to change the way we elect presidents, and his influence will be felt for generations,” said chairman Trav Roberts. Song told NBC News.

Prominent Democrats have criticized Iowa’s lack of diversity for years, and combined with the state’s own caucus system, Iowa is a litmus test for a candidate’s viability in national elections. I have warned you that it is not enough.

Some might say Biden, who was spurred on to the nomination after failing to win the Iowa caucus in 2020 but winning the South Carolina primary, is betting himself a bit with the schedule proposal. After all, many expect him to announce his re-election bid next year. Black voters moving the schedule forward will undoubtedly benefit the president.

But it’s also a boon for Democrats. The plan doesn’t just put more emphasis on Southern voters at a time when the South’s population is booming. It also allows non-white voters to be seen as more than just the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Major schedule changes will also give these voters greater power in determining the face of the party.

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