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NFL Week 13 stats: Eagles ‘A+’ for beating Titans, Giants and Commanders tied for tie

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Week 13 was a run of good games, and things were supposed to go crazy, and that’s exactly what happened.

In New York, the Commanders and Giants brought their second tie of the NFL season. This marked the first time since 2018 that his two draws occurred in the same year. In a twist, it was his first draw for the Giants since 1997 against Washington. For the Commanders, this was his first draw since his 2016 win against the Bengals in London.

In Houston, Deshaun Watson returned to the field for the first time in 700 days and recorded perhaps the strangest win of his career. The Browns won comfortably 27-14, but he didn’t score a single offensive touchdown and scored the most points in a game for a team without an offensive TD since 1999. .

So what would your team do if they didn’t score an offensive touchdown? To learn more about the Bills’ victory over the Patriots on Thursday, click here.

Cleveland 27-14 vs. Houston

Browns Texas stats by Garrett Podell (Do you like your grades? Hate your grades? let him know on twitter.)

Washington 20-20 vs NY Giants

Commanders-Giants Grades by John Breech (Love or Hate Grades? let him know on twitter.)

Pittsburgh 19-16 Atlanta

Steelers Falcons stats by John Breach (Love or hate stats? let him know on twitter.)

Green Bay 28-19 Over Chicago

Packers Bears stats by John Breech (Do you like your stats? Hate your stats? let him know on twitter.)

Detroit 40-14 vs Jacksonville

Jaguars-Lions stats by John Breech (Do you like or dislike stats? let him know on twitter.)

Baltimore 10-9 vs Denver

Broncos-Ravens results by John Breech (Do you like your results? Hate your results? let him know on twitter.)

Minnesota 27-22 vs NY Jets

Jets-Vikings grades by Jordan Dajani (Love grades? Hate grades? let him know on twitter.)

Philadelphia 35-10 vs Tennessee

Titans-Eagles Grades by Jeff Kerr (Do You Like or Hate Grades? let her know on twitter.)

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