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Jets kicker sets franchise record for distance, 4th NFL field goal of 60+ yards in 2022

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Until this week, no Jets kicker had scored a field goal longer than 60 yards in team history, but that changed Sunday thanks to Greg Zuerlein.

The Jets kicker set a franchise record for longest kick with a 60-yard field goal just before halftime.

With just 13 seconds left in the second quarter and New York facing 4-and-3 at Minnesota’s 42-yard line, Jets coach Robert Surrey had three options. Zuerlein is eyeing his goal as he 60-yard field.

At first, it looked like the Jets were about to attack, but after doing so, the Vikings called a timeout. After deliberating things, Saleh decided to try his goal on the field, and Zuerlein rewarded the bet by perfectly drilling his 60-yard kick that cut Minnesota’s lead to 20-6. did.

Because it’s always a big deal when the kicker hits a field goal from more than 60 yards away, and it’s very rare. Zuerlein’s kick marked the fourth time this season that the kicker connected from 60 yards or more on a field goal.

Zuerlein’s kick also broke his own franchise record with the Jets. Through Sunday, his goal on the field for the longest in team history was his 57 yards, by which time he had been done three times, two of which had come from Zuerlein earlier this season (he was In his 2017 Chandler tied his original record set by Catanzaro).

Unfortunately for the Jets, Zuerlein provided the only offense of the first half. His kick for his 60 yards was his one of his two field goals, and his six points were the only points scored by New York in his first two quarters of the game. did. If you want live updates for the second half, click here to follow the match on our live blog.

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