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Aaron Rodgers salutes fans at Soldier Field after the Packers’ comeback against the Bears in Week 13

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It wouldn’t be a Packers vs. Bears game at Soldier Field without Aaron Rodgers acknowledging the crowd. After Green Bay, who at one point beat Chicago 19–10, completed his comeback, and rookie wide his receiver Christian Watson scored his 46-yard touchdown to score the win, Rodgers took the stand. Staring and paying tribute to the Bears fans.

Last season, Rodgers famously Shouted out“I own you! I still own you! I still own you!” to the audience in Chicago after scrambling

As detailed on Friday, Rogers said very I own Bears.

Following Sunday’s victory, Rodgers has yet to lose to Chicago since December 2018. After extending that streak to eight games, he threw for 19 touchdowns and 0 interceptions during that period. , one of its five losses was a game in which he was sent off due to injury after just two pass attempts.

Overall, Rodgers finished 593-of-877 (67.6%) by Week 13 for 6,782 yards (7.7 per attempt), 63 touchdowns and 10 interceptions to division rivals. achieved against His overall performance on Sunday was more modest than usual (for 182 yards and scoring he was 18 of 31), but his touchdown on Sunday his toss went into the hands of Watson.

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