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Startup tech brings golf clubs (and expertise) to on-demand caddies and coaches

M.ark Lukenbill is on a mission to make golf more accessible and enjoyable for individuals of all backgrounds.

“Golf has a stigma of being an old, wealthy white man’s sport. But you see a lot of diversity on the course.” Mupulhu Sports and its main applications, Mupulhu Golf“Since COVID, in the last few years, everyone has been forced to go outside and many have taken up the game. , I’ve seen more young people and groups.”

Mpruv Golf — a peer-to-peer, on-demand application for booking coaches, caddies and tee times — aims to move the golf community forward by making it easier for more people. The app also serves as a social networking site for individuals to connect with each other by sharing their passion for golf, Lukenbill explained.

click here Check out Mpruv Golf, which will be launching a beta platform in the coming weeks.

The business idea was born in 2021 after Lukenville considered hiring caddies (individuals who carry players’ club bags and advise which clubs to use on the golf course) for solo travel.

“It was nearly impossible to find a caddy here, so my curiosity snowballed. [golf] coach? “There’s not one place you can focus,” Lukenville said. interests may change.”

Coaches hired through the golf course must be certified by the Professional Golf Association (PGA). This process is exclusive and expensive.

“One course spends $200 an hour on coaching. He continued. “Also, you often have to buy a package of classes, and after the first session, you may find that the coach isn’t for you.”

Around the same time Lukenville was investigating gaps in the golf industry, his wife Wag! — An on-demand dog walking application that connects dog walkers and pet owners. Pedestrians can set their own rates, and owners leave reviews after each walk.

Wag!’s business model became the blueprint for Mpruv Golf.

“Mpruv Golf uses a business model similar to Wag! to connect people who want to improve with those who can do it on their own time,” said Lukenbill. “…I have a lot of friends who are really knowledgeable and good golfers, but not good enough to be PGA certified. The app allows you to create your profile and set up your lessons.”

Users can browse different coach profiles, check out social content, and leave reviews after sessions. Coaches can offer both in-person and virtual lessons and set rates and schedules. The app is set to be free to download, but as a way to monetize the platform, Mpruv Golf charges a transaction fee when a session is booked, Lukenbill explained.

Players and coaches can also book tee times through Mpruv Golf, he continued.

Mark Lukenbill and Moe Hamid of Mpruv Golf.Photo by Channa Steinmetz, Starland News

Mpruv Golf is currently CTO of Mpruv Golf, rock incubator — where he first met Lukenville.

“[When it comes to Lok Incubator] One of the things I look for is people who are starting startups that are really passionate about it,” Hamid said. “Working with Mark is very special to me because he is passionate about advancing the game of golf and getting more people involved.”

Mpruv Golf plans to release a beta application in the coming weeks, Hamid said. The app will officially launch at the Annual Meeting on February 24th. Kansas City Golf ShowThe weekend event runs Friday through Sunday and is expected to draw around 10,000 attendees.

“At some point over the weekend, we’ll have a demo on the main stage,” Lukenbill said. He also gives lessons. Download the app and fill out your profile to get free swing analysis. It’s going to be a really fun weekend.”

Lukenbill’s passion is the game of golf, but his plans are to expand the business into other sports, he shared.

“We have people in Spain who are happy to help with the upcoming Mpruv Soccer product,” revealed Lukenbill. “And from baseball to volleyball, we work in every sport that people want to build confidence in and improve in.”

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