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Unstoppable, Neta Auto delivered 15,072 units in November

In the market segment, 11,263 units of Neta V were shipped, a year-on-year increase of 60.3%. For the 14th straight month, the Neta V could be the best-selling all-electric SUV produced by the Chinese EV startup.Neta S official distribution start November 30th We welcome our guests with an orderly grand ceremony.

According to statistics, Neta Auto has delivered 240,255 units so far. November 2022As the choice of 240,000 customers, Neta Auto has become one of the most trusted NEV brands.

Our strong technical strength is what drives our sales. Neta Auto has always invested in product technology research and development.upon November 21stthe company held a press conference for its global technology brand “Hozon Intelligent Technology”, unveiling three sub-brands – Hozon Supercomputing; Hozon Electric Drive; Hozon Extended Range, which are widely recognized in the industry.

The release of “Hozon Intelligent Techonology” reflects Neta Auto’s brand value of equality in technology, aimed at providing customers with a better travel and life experience through technology. It also demonstrates Neta Auto’s unwavering determination to win the long-running race for NEVs and create immediate access to high-quality intelligent EVs.

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