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Shanghai Jing’an Launches “Jing’an CBD”, The Benchmark For Top International Business Zones

Shanghai, December 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At the 5th CIIE, Shanghai Jing’an Participates Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) and “Meet Jing’an – World Class CBD in a Brand New Range” report. The report focuses on demonstrating Jing’an’s industrial characteristics, resource strength, and carrier quality. The report sets Jing’an’s goal of setting an international benchmark for his CBD by building the “Jing’an CBD”, which includes the West Nanjing Road, both sides of the Suzhou River, and the double-wing area of ​​the Central Ring Elevated Road. promoting.

The predecessor and hub of the Shanghai headquarters economy, Jing’an exudes the richest cosmopolitan atmosphere of all Shanghai’s districts. ShanghaiAccording to the report, Jing’an has 78 global service companies, one-third of which are of Shanghai According to the Shanghai Jing’an Investment Promotion Office, a global service enterprise listed in GaWC175 operates in Jing’an. Jing’an is home to the regional headquarters of 110 international companies, of which 12 are trade-related and 22 are private companies. After decades of development, his 2.6-square-kilometer core zone on West Nanjing Road houses 1.3 million square meters of first-class office rooms.It is also the birthplace of of Shanghai first time “billion yuan“Building, First”billion yuan– “Building and first” in a month200 million yuan-Building in 2 months.

Suzhou River Bay, on the other hand, is a central CBD blessed with a “one river, two banks” channel’s a house Chinese The nation’s first human resources service industry zone. We have extensive resources on high-end asset management companies and biopharmaceutical industry clusters. The Middle Ring Elevated Highway Dual Wing area has more emerging industries and is home to a large group of major companies in big data, AI, esports and anime, film and media. It is laying the groundwork for new areas such as economy, eco-friendly industry, and the meta universe.

SOURCE Shanghai Jing’an Investment Promotion Office

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