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Rovio Entertainment Corp.: Angry Birds Bubble Trouble

The cute chicks are back for another season of adventure! This time, the herd goes far beyond the backyard and into the pig’s natural habitat.

The first season of Angry Birds Bubble Trouble premiered in 2020, inspired by the adorable characters from Rovio Entertainment Corporation’s Angry Birds Dream Blast game. This short animated series took viewers into a magical bubble garden. Here the birds were free to live their whimsical childhood adventures, far from the bird-to-pig mayhem happening elsewhere in the Angry Birds universe.

The daydreaming birdies are back for a second season full of fun, games and fun adventures. This time, the herd leave the safety of the bubble garden and find themselves faced with life in the big city. Tucked into the heart of a busy metropolis, the birds must learn how to make new friends, live an honest life and stay out of trouble in a city full of pigs called Pig City. No. Fans of the first season will be delighted to see the return of favorite characters such as Red, Bomb, Chuck and Stella. Only this time, the bird joins more pig characters and even comes beak-to-beak with Her Majesty the Queen – a first for the Angry Birds series.

The second season of Angry Birds Bubble Trouble was produced in collaboration with Red Animation Studio. Red Animation Studio has gone to great lengths to bring the world of Bubble Trouble to life. “This season is even more visually engaging than Season 1. A big thank you to Red Animation Studios,” said Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala, Head of Licensing at Rovio. I’m here. “This series is a mix of his 2D and 3D creations, and the ‘fantasy’ sequences that Red Animation has done partially in 2D are truly beautiful. Also, one of his special things about this series is that one of his episodes features an actual product from his consumer products licensee, Venum. This episode showcases his boxing gear for kids from the latest collection of Angry Birds. It’s great to be able to tie this partnership into a series that encourages children to be proactive and find positive outlets for their emotions. “

In their new adventure that takes the herd to Pig City, it was Red Animation Studio’s job to show viewers this new setting through the eyes of their bird-like protagonist. Milton Guerrero, CEO of Red Animation Studio, commented: New characters finished with vivid colors and textures such as cityscapes, parks, forests, and castles. The animation style is snappy two-frame 3D with key poses and breakdowns created by a 2D animator who integrates 2D animation and VFX.

Explore Pig City when Angry Birds Bubble Trouble season 2 hits the Angry Birds YouTube channel on December 10th. Subsequent distribution will be handled by Rovio’s partner, his CAKE Entertainment. Join the Herd on new adventures in 28 minute-and-a-half episodes!

Overview of Rovio
Rovio Entertainment Corporation is a global mobile-first gaming company that creates, develops and publishes mobile games that have been downloaded over 5 billion times. Rovio is best known for the global Angry Birds brand, which started as a popular mobile game in 2009 and has since evolved from games to a variety of entertainment, animation and consumer products under the brand’s license. I’ve been Rovio produced The Angry Birds Movie (2016) and its sequel, The Angry Birds Movie 2, was released in his 2019. The company offers multiple mobile games and has eight game studios, one in Espoo (Finland) and one in Stockholm (Sweden). , one in Copenhagen (Denmark), one in Barcelona (Spain), two in Montreal and one in Toronto (Canada). The studio also includes a subsidiary in Izmir (Turkey) called Ruby Games, which was acquired in 2021. Most of the employees are based in Finland, where Rovio is headquartered. The company’s shares are listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki Stock Exchange Main List under the trading code ROVIO.

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