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Comstock angle to redevelop Koons car dealership at Tysons

Koons Chevy car dealership at 2000 Chain Bridge Road (staff photo by Angela Woolsey)

The developers behind Reston Station and the stalled downtown redevelopment of Herndon turned to Tysons.

Comstock is turning its large 2000 and 2050 Coons Chevy and Chrysler dealerships on Chain Bridge Road near the Route 7 (Leedsburg Pike) interchange into what it calls a “vibrant, versatile multi-purpose vehicle,” according to the new application. I’m trying to replace it with “block district”.

As part of Fairfax County’s Site-Specific Plan Amendment (SSPA) process, which was submitted on October 27, the proposal to consider potential land-use changes to the comprehensive plan found that new development was 85% aggregate. It said it will be residential and about 15% retail. Open spaces and amenities are also provided.

“The nominator believes that this residential mixed-use introduction is necessary to rebalance use in the Tysons, particularly the Greensboro Subway Station transit station-mixed-use area and the surrounding office-dense areas. ,” said Brian J. Clifford, DLA Piper Senior Land Use Planner, in a statement on behalf of Comstock.

The application’s concept plan shows one block with one multi-level retail building and another block with four residential buildings. Heights range from 175 feet to 400 feet, increasing as the building approaches Route 7.

Comstock said the adjacent interchange where the Chain Bridge (Hwy 123) crosses Hwy 7 should be replaced with a grade crossing. The developers have stated that the road cannot be built as the county currently plans, arguing that it would allow Boone Street to be extended across Route 123 onto Coons’ property. ing.

The Tysons Koons car dealership site could be redeveloped with retail (red) and residential (yellow) (via Comstock/Fairfax County).

“The proposed location of the intersection of Boone Boulevard and U.S. 123 would create an inherently dangerous situation, as U.S. 123 heads south from this interchange, too close to a steep incline. ” said the application. “There is not enough distance to add a major intersection at the location depicted on the master plan street grid map.”

The 14-acre site consists of two lots that have been developed at the Coons Dealership since 1975. Home Depot purchased the Chevrolet dealership on January 8, 2021 for $30 million, according to Fairfax County real estate records.

The site was previously owned by Sherwood Tysons LLC, owned by a descendant of Tyson’s namesake William Tyson, according to the Washington Business Journal. Company owned.

With the consent of the owners, Comstock will consolidate the two parcels. The Tysons Comprehensive Plan designates them as Residential Mixed Use (residences must make up at least 75% of the total development) and Transit Mixed Use requiring a mix of retail, office, residential and other commercial uses. doing. 65% office, 20% residential.

The application claims that more residential development is needed around the Greensboro Metro station, which is currently at 70% office space, despite a reported 20% vacancy rate.

“With the office market in a state of flux due to shifts in work locations and commuting patterns due to COVID-19, continuing to concentrate offices in this area is an incentive to redevelop existing car dealerships,” Clifford said. There is a risk of delaying large investments.”

Clifford’s statement describes the plan amendment application as a “placeholder” while county officials reassess the current and future mix of land uses for the Tysons. Comstock declined to comment on the proposal for now, saying it “will be happy to discuss this matter at a later date.”

The Coons redevelopment is one of 75 SSPA candidates that the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will consider for possible approval on Tuesday (December 6). Other locations to consider include Fallfax Center in Idyllwood and his two golf courses in Reston.

“It is the intent of the nominators to proceed with rezoning as quickly as possible and overlap that rezoning with the evaluation phase of the SSPA process as much as possible,” said Clifford.

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