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Changes come to the top leader ranks

A change is coming to the top of the leadership of the National Auto Workers Union.

That was one of the points on Friday as vote tallies closed in the first-ever direct election of members of the Detroit-based union’s international executive committee. These elections determine who will hold the IEB’s 14 positions: President, Treasurer, 3 Vice-Presidents and 9 Regional Directors.

The unofficial results of eight of the union’s nine regions, reported by court-appointed monitors tasked with overseeing unions and elections, gave challengers three regional director positions and the IEB’s secretary-treasurer position. I was ready to take over the position.

The UAW elections will use Election Systems & Software LLC's DS850 high-speed central scanner and vote tallying machine.

Another Regional Director race heads to the runoff. His other five regional director elections were not contested.

The results of the presidential election indicated that a runoff vote was all but certain as neither incumbent President Ray Curry nor his opponent met the 50% vote threshold required for victory. . And while the results of the three international vice-presidential candidates’ campaigns remained unclear, at least one of his opposition candidates appears to have crossed the necessary threshold for victory.

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