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UN General Assembly recognizes that ‘the solidarity and reconciliation nature’ of major international sporting events ‘should be respected’


“By adopting this resolution, the General Assembly endorses the overarching mission of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, uniting the whole world in peaceful competition and bringing about peaceful competition without any discrimination,” said the IOC President. said.

“The IOC believes that this resolution recognizes that international sporting events should be organized without discrimination of any kind and in a spirit of peace, and in particular that the unity and conciliatory nature of these events should be respected. I am very grateful for your clear emphasis on: Only if the Olympic and Paralympic Games stand above all political, cultural and other differences will we achieve this mission of unity. This is only possible if the Olympic Games are politically neutral and do not become a tool to achieve political goals, thus the IOC’s political neutrality and sport It is with the utmost gratitude that we welcome the clear endorsement by United Nations Member States of their autonomy.”

The resolution was adopted by consensus in session of the United Nations General Assembly. This is very notable given the current political tensions as both Russia and Ukraine are included.

The meeting was chaired by UNGA President Chava Koresi, who said in his opening remarks: Where politics and ideologies divide, enforcing animosity and division, sport unites people in peaceful competition. It has the ability to break down racial and other barriers, combat discrimination and defuse conflict. Sport is a platform for combating some of the gravest dangers facing the world today. “

He continued: It is far more promising for the world for nations to compete in sports than on the battlefield. The former makes us nobler and stronger, but the latter leaves death and desolation behind. Yes, we live in a deeply divided and unstable world. But in my view, sport and its organization need to remain inclusive. We must not forget that ending armed conflict is far preferable to ending cooperation. Sport is a solid common ground for many of us, but it also requires willpower and perseverance. “

The representative of Monaco, who co-chairs the Friends of Sport group at the United Nations, said in his intervention: Efforts taken by the IOC to become carbon neutral. The goals and values ​​of the IOC and the United Nations are aligned. This is not as true today. The message of peace and solidarity promoted by IOC President Dr Thomas Bach mirrors a similar message from Secretary-General António Guterres. When invited to address his G20 leaders in Bali, President Bach reaffirmed the neutrality of sport and the unifying mission of sport, the IOC and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. He also repeated two key messages that the world needs more solidarity and that we must give peace a chance. “

The resolution is entitled “Sport as an Enabler of Sustainable Development” and upholds the overarching mission of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, uniting words in peaceful competition and without discrimination of any kind. This was featured as part of a discussion in the United Nations Secretary-General’s semi-annual report titled ‘Sport: A catalyst for a better, stronger recovery’. It also outlines how sport can be maximized as an effective tool to rebuild solidarity and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Also the resolution:

  • Supports “the independence and autonomy of sport and the mission of the International Olympic Committee to lead the Olympic Movement”.
  • Affirms the “invaluable contribution of the Olympic and Paralympic movements in establishing sport as a unique means of promoting peace and development, particularly through the ideal of the Olympic Truce”.
  • Approve the Olympic Charter.
  • We recognize that sport has “the power to change perceptions, prejudices and behavior, to inspire people, to break down racial and political barriers, to combat discrimination and to defuse conflict.”
  • Encourages “all relevant stakeholders to highlight and promote the use of sport as a means to promote sustainable development” […] and to promote “social inclusion, conflict prevention and peacebuilding”.
  • Harnessing the Power of Sport for Development and Peace: Acknowledging the recommendations of the report entitled Recommendations to Governments from the International Working Group on Sport for Development and Peace, and urging Member States of the United Nations to “implement these recommendations and further We encourage you to develop.
  • Reaffirm and recognize the “increasing contribution of sport to the achievement of development and peace”.

This document reflects the widespread recognition of the important role of sport in today’s society. The United Nations also recognizes sport as a “key enabler” in its landmark 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

power for good

IOC Member Luis Alberto Moreno, who has been the IOC’s permanent UN observer since 2019, delivered a speech on behalf of IOC President Thomas Bach.

“Let me express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude from the entire Olympic Movement to the Member States of the United Nations General Assembly for adopting this ‘Sport as an Enabler of Sustainable Development’ resolution,” he said. “The solidarity and consensus of all United Nations Member States on this resolution is a further encouragement to the Olympics and the sporting community at large for all that we are doing to make the world a better place through sport. ”


The UN General Assembly resolution is the latest example of a number of declarations that the international community has endorsed for our united mission and the political neutrality of sport, Moreno reminded UN Member States.

At the recent G20 summit, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, president of the G20, expressed his support for the political neutrality of sport and emphasized the unifying power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. President Emmanuel Macron of France, which will host the next Olympic and Paralympic Games, also expressed his support, stating that “sports should not be politicized.” “We do not know in what context the 2024 Olympic Games in France will be held on a geopolitical level. It aims to enable the athletes of the world to live the sport. It should also be maintained in order to find ways, through sport, to discuss where people are no longer able to talk to each other. think.

Mr Moreno told the United Nations General Assembly: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is in blatant violation of the Olympic Truce Resolution and the Olympic Charter. This gives us even more reason to further our mission of unity with all our determination and heart. In this context, broad support for our Olympic Peace Mission, as expressed in the resolution adopted today, sends a message of hope in these dark times. It reflects our belief that only by working together can we overcome the challenges facing humanity at this time. “

He concludes: We will give due consideration to this resolution and your encouragement in our current and future deliberations and actions. And I look forward to reporting on the progress we have made at next year’s session. “

working together

The IOC has held Permanent Observer status at the UNGA since 2009, and in a previous resolution noted that “the Olympic and Paralympic Movement’s invaluable contribution to the establishment of sport as a unique instrument to promote peace and development.” Contribution” is acknowledged.

Today’s resolution builds on the IOC’s Olympism365 strategy, which is expressly designed to strengthen the role of sport as a key enabler of the UN’s SDGs.

The IOC has established a number of new initiatives in recent weeks aimed at achieving the goals set in the Olympism365 Strategy and supporting the achievement of the UN’s SDGs. These new initiatives include a new partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) to foster healthy and active communities; Sport Against Crime: Outreach, Resilience and Empowerment; ), working to prevent youth crime through sport-based interventions.


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